University Enrollment

University Enrolment

Career Zone has been affiliated with various universities from all over the world, and are continuing to do so, to get the best options for students everywhere. Teaming up with Career Zone is beneficial for your university in many ways.

Career Zone has been promoting education abroad for many years. We conduct seminars, thereby reaching out to and connecting with students from various schools and colleges. We will place adverts for your university in Newspapers, Hoardings, Banners, Distribution of brochures in Newsletters and Daily counselling sessions in our offices. We will also provide separate links in our website for your university

The students get to know a lot of things about your University. Information on degree programs, details of tuition and other costs, admission requirements, application and other forms are displayed for the students’ convenience.
They can also apply online, e-mail documents and communicate with your University faculty till admission are complete. You can also provide online information to our students on the progress of applications.
So affiliating with Career Zone will not only introduce your University to a lot of students, but also help you connect with them even before the commencement of their course.

We would love to have you on-board! Get in touch with us by filling out this form.