Speakers from Career Zone

We began our journey in 1997 and now with over 5000+ Alumni globally and 7 Global hubs across Tamil Nadu, we are the highest rated and rapidly growing enterprise for educating students abroad.

Education abroad is still a vague concept in the minds of students and parents alike, and we want to provide the necessary clarity and support. And who better than our Alumni who have gone through it themselves.

Our speakers are from various fraternities, entrepreneurs and professionals. They all have a common goal – to impart their knowledge and experience to students and professionals who are looking at a career or education abroad.

So get in touch with us, request a speaker from Career Zone to inspire and encourage your students.


Benefits of the Discussion

For School Students

Education abroad is not limited to only Higher Education. There are immeasurable options available for students to do their Under Graduation. Our speakers will help them choose the right options.

For College Students

From Niche fields to do their MS to finishing their MBAs Abroad, college students are presented with a bevy of options which can be overwhelming. Our speakers can provide the guidance and clarity they so dearly need.

For Corporates

Competitive examinations are not only for students but also for IT professionals amongst others who are travelling abroad for work. Different countries require different scores, like TEOFL or IELTS. Our Speakers will help boost your confidence.

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