However, determining the price you can get for your trees is tricky because the selling price for trees varies not only by tree type but also geographical location and several other factors. Every state maintains a list of timber buyers, sawmills, and professional foresters you can contact to sell your trees. The menu at the top of the page features a Discover Harvesting and Hulling menu that provides a comprehensive list of all locations along with each location's address and telephone number. The easiest way to find a buyer for your trees is to contact your state’s forestry department. Relevance. For example, the majority of Hammons buying locations are located in Missouri. Foresters offer a number of services to help you with the sale, including evaluating your trees and obtaining bids from multiple buyers so you can get the best possible price. Other resources for locating black walnut buyers include nonprofit organizations such as the Ohio Nut Grower's Association, which provides a listing of several buying locations in Ohio, or from local news organizations who often provide information regarding where individuals can sell walnuts within their broadcast radius. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Here are some walnut yard trees that I just sawed up on my band mill. However, you can find a list of qualified buyers through your state’s forestry department or local county extension office. Additionally, some types of trees contain both sawlogs and veneer logs, which are valued differently. We Buy Walnut Trees – Black Walnut Tree Purchasing In Indiana We buy Black Walnut logs and timber from about a 200 mile radius of Pierceton, Indiana. Comment on Black Walnut Tree 4sale (July 18th, 2018 at 02:35) Black Walnut Tree 4sale. Favorite Answer. I am contacting you, in regards to Black Walnut trees I have for sale. But companies that buy trees for lumber and other logging companies that buy trees are out there, ready for you to get ahold of them. Finding the right company to buy your trees depends on whether you’re selling a few trees from your yard or multiple trees from a wooded lot. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Foresters will also make arrangements with the timber-buying company to harvest the wood and collect payment. We’re glad to hear that you found our article helpful! Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! The amount of money you can get for your trees depends on: Although you can’t get a specific price for your trees without a physical inspection from a qualified buyer, we’ve listed a rough pricing guide by type of tree below. The easiest way to find a buyer for your trees … Other considerations are the company you’re working with and what state you live in. Black walnut is a valuable hardwood used in the production of ultra high-end furniture and cabinetry. Instead of hiring a tree service to remove those trees, why not let us buy them from you? 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How Do You Find a Local Black Walnut Buyer. We reached out to several timber buyers to ask about pricing. Below, we’ll look at ways to estimate the quantity of wood you have available to sell and determine approximately how much money you may be able to get for your trees. Answered. A tall, large diameter branch free white pine can be worth more than some tropical hardwoods. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. 4 Answers. around 80ft. We are a Professional Tree Services and Timber Management Company. In Quebec, Canada, an Eastern White Pine was sold for $47,000. That means trees affected by rot or those with hollow cores will have fewer MBF and will fetch a lower price than healthy trees. A single board foot measures one foot wide, one foot long, and one inch thick. And now that Ive paid to have them … The company purchases walnuts at predetermined buying and hulling locations across the country. However, keep in mind, yard trees are often valued lower than stand trees because of the higher potential for damage to the tree and the difficulty of removing yard trees without causing property damage. I'm sitting on probably 10,000 in walnut. + Donor Eligibility, Locations, etc, Who Buys Used Appliances? One important factor to note is that MBF calculates the number of usable board feet in a tree. Walnut seedlings take 7-10 years to fruit, so plant as large of a tree as possible to achieve production sooner. We cut standing timber in a variety of sizes and species and are fully insured. Please give me a call 585 7343201. Trees planted out in the open grow fuller, larger crowns making them much better for nut production than walnut trees planted in or near the forest. Youre best bet is to find some one with a portable mill and have them saw it, cost in my area would be .30 to .50 per board foot. Companies that buy oak trees for lumber are the most common but there are lots of companies that buy pine, walnut, cottonwoods, etc. To learn how to sell your trees, including who you need to contact and how much money you may be able to get for them, see below. Although the company buys mostly hardwoods, it will also remove unwanted low-quality trees for no additional charge if it buys trees from your property. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By focusing on the black walnut tree market we have standing purchase orders from the leading furniture manufactures worldwide. One example of this is Hammons Black Walnuts company website. You may not even know you have valuable walnut trees on your private land. Sell Your Trees offers tree buying and tree removal services throughout the continental United States. We are glad to hear that you found our article helpful, Elizabeth! A mature black walnut tree is valuable not only for their nuts but their timber is something to be considered. You can find a local forester by contacting your local county extension office through the National Association of State Foresters website or by using the interactive state map from the USDA. The USDA offers lists of timber buyers by state, or you can search for a regional timber buyer online. We can help you determine this, then give you the fairest dollar amount possible for … Here is a selection of regional timber buyers to get you started: If you have one or a few large hardwood trees in your yard that you’re looking to sell, you can follow the same process listed above. Find 1 listings related to Black Walnut Tree Buyers in Omaha on Merchantable refers to the total height of a tree to the point where either the diameter tapers to 10 inches or the tree is heavily branched or defected. is the first and only company dedicated to buying unwanted trees. Companies That Buy Trees for Lumber. Companies that buy oak trees for lumber are the most common but there are lots of companies that buy pine, walnut, cottonwoods, etc. Though it’s almost impossible to determine MFB without having a timber buyer or qualified forester physically inspect the tree, you can get a rough estimate by measuring a tree’s diameter and the “merchantable” height of the tree. Reply to Comment. Companies that purchase black walnuts harvested by individuals often include information regarding buying locations on their websites. Listing your trees on Craigslist can also help you sell them if you’re more interested in having them removed than making a lot of money.

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