Chain/defense abilities to focus on early in the game. Gain Magic is just the least useless of the starting 4 options. And since it works off lost HP you don't really care about hitting with the first attack, as the Ability's strength is set regardless. Player reflexes must be keen to inflict higher damage to the enemy by using attacks known as Battle Abilities. I got all elemental defenses, then randomly got all attacks.. No strategy, but it worked full game. This is a vital savings of time in Speedruns, like this one from TAS_AND_SUPERPLAY on YouTube; at 28:50, Ashley has 30 HP, is dealt 59 damage, and ends up with 29. Game time is paused, and a wire frame sphere appears around Ashley; its radius is his weapon's attack range. Affinity, Class and Type in Vagrant Story, Great Sword Combinations in Vagrant Story,, BP = Battle Points from successful chaining, PP = Phantom Points-energy acquired by doing attacks or being damaged, DP = Damage Points-repaired to full, they diminish with wear and tear from usage. The player can target different areas of the body, and damage is done according to the part of body attacked and the affinity of the weapon used by Ashley. I will not be responsible for your stupidity.. GT: jimmyrockstar, PSN: testesbomb---. If they evade it twice, chances are they are one of the monsters with high Chain Evade (Phantoms and Ogres and Mimics, usually). However, RISK will still be gained if the chain is successful and the attack itself Misses, or if a defensive ability is successful and the opponent's attack misses. Once a target has been set, game time resumes, and chain attacks can be started. Chain abilities must be assigned to one of the four right buttons to use; a maximum of two can be offensive and two, defensive. More testing required. Requirements for chains can be fulfilled as least as soon as the enemy is dispatched, but it is possible that this is only a default, and that the levelup can occur in the middle of battle, if Ashley puts away his weapon to exit Battle Mode (more testing required). - Stun Cloud ... check section 7 and make sure you haven't simply missed the best target. Chain attacks are based on this initial damage value, but do not themselves have Affinity or Class, and the targeted body part is always the same as the original hit. The requirements of new chain abilities are affected by Overkill; chain completion above what is necessary to acquire a new ability does not count towards the next ability. All defense abilities are performed as a response to an enemy's attack and percentages are calculated from that attack's damage. Gain health will restore the same number in hp, you'll waste time, chains and increase risk to get the same amount of health restored. Gain Magic > Dulling Impact > Instill. It does, however, seem possible that there is a true skill tree for chains; that which skill is chosen affects which one will appear to replace it- specific skills must be learned to access specific higher ones. The next button has to be pressed so friggin perfectly on time just when the the exclamation mark flashes, it's ridiculous. For Vagrant Story on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Chain/defense abilities to focus on early in the game? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. To chain together attacks, the player must respond to in-game cues by pressing buttons corresponding to different attacks in timely succession. At that point you're mostly set. BP requirements on the way to a fifth level skill are, according to a walkthrough: +20 for level II; level III - +34; +18 for level IV, and for level V, +23.[3]. Just got Vagrant Story from PSN so I'm still in the very beginning and man I love every aspect of it... except the timing for the chain combo. Vagrant Story … Beneficial effects such as HP MP restoration etc are of course returned to Ashley. Each type of chain and defense attack has a tactical usage, eg in the case of a Crimson Blade which has negligible Magic Points and does not attack with spells, for example, the player would benefit from eschewing the use of the Dulling Impact chain ability, which prevents the target from using spells, or the Mind Ache or Mind Assault chain abilities, which attack the target's Magic Points. So I'm 20% through Vagrant story and I still haven't figured out chaining. The initial chain skills, and all successive chains, are skills that Ashley once knew as a Riskbreaker and recovered by him as he regains his memory of his prior career. Each chain in combat earns (# of chains -1) BP. Yes, the timing. Defensive Abilities are used outside of Battle Mode in response to enemy attacks. In the field map, players may engage the enemy by tapping the attack button to enter Battle Mode. They allow Ashley to reduce or reflect damage, avoid and remove status ailments, damage the opponents' Magic Points, etc. If so, there is no mention of it in any guides. Chain attacks are based on this initial damage value, but do not themselves have Affinity or Class, and the targeted body part is always the same as the original hit. Vagrant Story, Square, 2000, Playstation One Vagrant Story In-Game Manual, Grimoires, Sigils, Keys, and Other Inventory Items in Vagrant Story. Gain magic... You'll restore about 10 mp early game, enough tor two hp spells. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Players enter Battle Mode to attack, and chain together Chain Abilities. Vagrant Story Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He first regains memories and therefore, his first four skills, at the first boss battle; the Minotaur in The Gallows room of the Wine Cellar. (missing? We're talking about some tiny bits of milliseconds here. Turned out more than 30 Chain Abilities in a row Must have defeated the Minotaur, thus acquiring Ashley's Battle Techniques Combos will end if the final strike kills the enemy Dummies may be the best target for this title as they allow plenty of practice, and … When a skill is chosen, it is replaced by a new skill at the next skill levelup, and so the order in which the new skills appear can be seen as Chain Levels. Its real role is a stepping stone to Instill. Also I never had to chain kill something(1damage). But for the genuinely chain … If a monster evades a chain once, Ashley builds up a little more RISK. For Vagrant Story on the PlayStation, Combat ... A surprising number of spellcasters aren't immune to this, but the Dulling Impact chain ability tends to be a better pick. Individual enemy body parts within this sphere can be targeted. Only four skills from Battle and four from Defense are available to choose from at any one chain levelup. Vagrant Story - Miscellaneous Guide Version 0.1 The U.S. The player can target different areas of the body, and damage is done according to the part of body attacked and the affinity of the weapon used by Ashley. Version of Vagrant Story for PSX By Dan GC (Guardian Cloud) When Made: 07/22/00 06:38 PM PT Last Updated: 07/22/00 06:38 PM PT Document Information: 239 K (244, 796) bytes Designed for, at least, IE 3 or NN 3 at 640x480 Resolution and Courier New font enabled 244, 796 characters (letters, numbers, etc.) An exclamation point appears as before, indicating when Defense Abilities can be used. re: Chain attacks Vs defense abilities. Single attacks or even Magic are recommended.

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