The strategic management framework takes the level of intelligence from know-how to understanding why strategic management should be approached in a particular manner -- understanding the application of the key constructs, concepts, and themes. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Framework 3/3/2011 By Karla Campbell Project Manager PMP Certificated UCOP. 1. Strategic frameworks are the backbone of your business, It can either make it or break it. These are: strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff, and skills. If something within your organization or team isn't working, chances are there is inconsistency between some of the seven elements identified in the model. SWOT Analysis . You can apply the McKinsey 7-S framework to almost any organizational or team effectiveness issue. A SWOT analysis consists of four parts namely strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strategic Management Model with examples. Project Process Groups 5. It comes a long way from the initial impetus provided to the subject by Michael Porter in his book Competitive Strategy (1980), and goes beyond his purely industrial organization perspective. Best Practices 7 Appendix (Templates) 6. Mckinsey found in: Mckinsey 7S Framework Circular Layout With Icons Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Microsoft, Mckinsey 7S Strategic Management Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Complete Deck With Slides, Mckinsey 7S Framework Ppt.. Appendix (Templates) Wh t th b fit t P j t M t? Topics 2 Definitions 1. Such as Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map, SWOT Analysis, PEST Model, Gap Planning, Red-Blue Ocean Strategy, Porter’s Five Forces Model, Thompson and Strickland's Model, VRIO Framework, Andrew's Model, Glueck's Model, The Schendel and Hofer Model, Korey's Model, Schematic Model. – … Benefits Of Project Management 3. Strategic Planning Framework National Policy and Direction Agency Goals & Objectives Roadmaps Architecture Programs & Projects – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 7fc989-OWMzM Benefits of Project Management • What are the benefits to Project Management? Here we have chosen the best strategic frameworks followed by giant business ventures: 1. Roles. Strategic Management, Dimensions of Strategic Management, Need for Strategic Management, Strategic Management – Process, Vision, Mission and Business Definition Models of Strategic Management: Mintzberg, Ansoff, Porter, Prahalad and Gary Hammel, McKinsey’s 7’S Framework: A Tool to Evaluate and Control an Organisation Strategic Management in Global Environment: Need for … 4. In contrast to those researchers who preceded him in the field of strategic management, Porter is an advocate of t he strategic positioning of a firm in a giv en industry (Porter, 1979, 1980). Tools and Services 2. The 10-P Framework of Global Strategic Management The 10-P framework for globalization symbolizes the aspirations and needs of employees and organizations in the new competitive settings.

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