Feel free to contact me through the "Contact Us" link at the very top of the screen. If you want to share your ideas on cards with other fans, feel free to drop us an email. Stoneforge Mystic’s ban came about at the start of Modern, as the thought was that a card good enough to be banned out of Standard might be a bit of a disaster for the fledgling format. Meanwhile, auras can only look on and scratch their collective head; although, considering how devastating Caw-Blade was, we should probably hope that when their turn comes it won’t take this kind of form! Absolutely shouldn't be banned. It does help a bit with redundancy and getting the Equipment-based decks tools to play with more consistently; Sword of the Meek is a popular card that it plays rather well with, and it has even more swords to do stabtacular things with. Review, Phyrexian Arena – MTG Black Friday Card of the Day, Necropotence – MTG Thanksgiving Card of the Day, Hullbreacher – Commander Legends MTG Review, Apex Devastator – Commander Legends MTG Review, Hans Eriksson – Commander Legends MTG Review, Cuombajj Witches – MTG Throwback Thursday (1993), Opposition Agent – Commander Legends MTG Review, Aurora Phoenix – Commander Legends MTG Review, Gor Muldrak, Amphinologist – Commander Legends MTG Review. Tags: Banned Series, BW Midrange, Midrange, Modern JOU, Stoneforge Mystic, The Banned Series, The Modern Banned Series. Constructed: 4.25 Stoneforge Mystic was first banned when it was in Standard back in June 2011 as it was considered too powerful alongside Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Looking at the table from last time, White cards had the fewest banned cards and creatures rarely get banned. Rarity: Rare. Initially, I expect Urza, Lord High Artificer strategies to incorporate Stoneforge Mystic as an additional means to grab Sword of the Meek alongside with Goblin Engineer. Either way, it’s going to be interesting to see builds incorporating Stoneforge Mystic and how the Modern landscape changes. By Caleb Durward / July 14, 2014 October 11, 2019. Ratings: This thought process extended into Modern when it was announced later that year, and both Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor began on the banned list of the new format. Thunder Break Dragon – Cardfight Vanguard Review, Vessel for the Dragon Cycle – Yu-Gi-Oh! Vanguard Card of the Day Archive – Pojo.com, Saikyo Cardfighter R on Cardfight!! I was under the impression that banned cards are banned mostly because they are too powerful. It offers a strong battlefield-based strategy, which is different from what Modern has been defined by over the last year, and they hope that Stoneforge Mystic will serve “as an enticing draw for decks to refocus toward the battlefield, creature combat, and card advantage.”, Wizards is well aware of the danger in unbanning a card as powerful as Stoneforge Mystic. When Modern began the pair were both immediately placed on the ban list due to how powerful they were in Standard. But stoneforge mystic is actually a decent card. I haven’t seen a huge number of previews from Throne of Eldraine as I’ve decided to make like a fairy tale protagonist and/or Arthurian romance quester and be surprised; but there’s a reasonable chance someone will soon be able to make a deck with a pun name like “Ex-Kor-libur”, and that’ll make us all smile. Post navigation ← Previous Post. Daily Since 2001. All Sets: Card Number: 20. “Cards that were added to the banned list on pure power level may now be more appropriate in context of a more powerful metagame,” Wizards said. Stoneforge Mystic was first banned when it was in Standard back in June 2011 as it was considered too powerful alongside Jace, the Mind Sculptor. The main reason the card is good (not busted, just very good) in Legacy is because it can grab a Jitte and shred through small creatures/get you back much needed life/speed up wincons. Let's analyze the card: A 1 / 2 creature for 1W certainly is a playable creature but by itself, nothing special. Caleb Durward. “We believe the Modern metagame and power level are in a place where Stoneforge Mystic is now an appropriate inclusion in the card pool.”. Commander: 4.5, We would love more volunteers to help us with our Magic the Gathering Card of the Day reviews. Wizards is keen to move away from a Modern dominated by graveyard strategies, which is one the key reasons for Stoneforge Mystic‘s unbanning.

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