Walkthrough: Step 1: For My Big Brother Begin a new game plus in Niaowu. Twitter. Its most important landmark is the Elephant Trunk Hill (which is actually located near Guilin City). Niaowu Harbor (Shops) ... Shenmue III Posted On: 23 rd Nov 2019 Editorial Team. Upon waking up, cross the Promenade and enter Vendor Avenue, there, turn left and climb the stairs to find Li Feng (picture1-2).At the end of this dialogue, approach the thug and success the QTE (picture3). Location: Fishing pond. Note: If you do not complete this request before visiting the nun at the temple, you will not be able to … Shenmue 3 money making: How to make money fast by winning and exchanging tokens How to make tokens - and in turn, money - early in the game with little effort. They must all be completed in a single playthrough to get the trophy. Inside the ship you can play some games and gamble for tokens to exchange for prizes including an extremely rare Sega Saturn! Go up the stairs, then up the next set of stairs. It is located along the Li River. Updated: here are the details for all of the side quests available in Shenmue 3. Acquisition: Mr. Huang. Find out how to win in this part of the Shenmue 3 Guide. Find out how to find the Red Snakes in this section of Shenmue 3 walkthrough.. Head past it to the right. Niaowu (Hànzì: 鳥舞, Pinyin: Niǎowǔ, On'yomi: Chōbu) is a fictional location in Shenmue III. Shenmue III Guide: Where To Find Every Chobu Chan In Niaowu (With Pictures) Shop Cards mean prizes: here's your guide to finding every last one of them. I’ve listed them in the order that I was able to activate them rather than the order that they are listed in Ryo’s notebook. Condition: Search Xu’s house . In the second location, take the Main Street up towards the big neon GAME sign. Shenmue 3 is a game that lets you live out life in the small Bailu Village, then later on in the port town of Niaowu. Shenmue 3 – make money fast in Niaowu. Mr. Huang invites you to participate in a great fishin competition. You learn about the existence of a gang of thugs terrorizing Niaowu, so you go looking for them. Benjamin was born in 1987, and is still not dead. The final DLC for Shenmue III is a Big Merry Cruise where you can board a cruise ship docked at Niaowu's port. Benjamin Richardson Editorial Team. It is a riverside city-village in the mountains of Guilin with lots of shops, souvenir stores, hotels and temples.

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