Constructed using industry-defining manufacturing techniques, and incorporating the outstanding features and improvements that characterize all of Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayaks, the 473rl takes tandem kayaking to a whole new level. This is a high-performance, high-quality inflatable kayak that’s intended to be used by skilled kayakers rather than amateurs. It has some nice features that really make it stand out. For the truly dedicated, the Sea Eagle 393rl RazorLite Pro Carbon Package replaces the paddle with the AB50 (8′, 2-part, 2.41 lbs.). Debuted in 2016, the Razorlites are the world’s first all drop stitch inflatable kayak series. However the one main reason I found it to be so unique is that it is far narrower than any other inflatable kayak I have seen or paddled. Most IK’s are between 30” and 40” wide. With this innovation, Sea Eagle promises improved rigidity, speed and overall performance. The patented Sea Eagle RazorLite™ high performance ultra-light kayak is the world’s first inflatable kayak made entirely with Drop We tested the almost 11-foot solo 393rl, but Sea Eagle also makes the 473rl in the Razorlite series, which is 15.5 feet long and designed for tandem paddling. 3 Sea Eagle Boats Inc. 19 N. Columbia Street, Ste1, Port efferson, NY 11777 • 1-800-748-8066 • OPERATING YOUR SEA EAGLE The World’s 1st Kayak Made Entirely Of Drop Stitch Material! The Sea Eagle 393 RazorLite is new for 2015 and to date it is the most unique inflatable kayak I have tried. Final Thoughts. Seating Configuration: Tandem Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced Ideal Paddler Size: ... Read reviews for the 473rl RazorLite™ Kayak by Sea Eagle Inflatables as submitted by your fellow paddlers. In my last blog post, I described the unique high-pressure technology behind the Sea Eagle RazorLite 473rl tandem kayak, though that discussion was focused more on the logistics of transporting a tandem kayak with our motorhome. Well, I was all set to write up a review of our new inflatable kayak, based on our experience in the Florida Keys. The Sea Eagle 473rl RazorLite kayak is a high-speed, high-performance tandem inflatable kayak that should definitely be on your radar.. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! As we mentioned earlier, the Sea Eagle 393rl RazorLite kayak isn’t for everyone.

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