- Arthur Stone, Gearslutz.com (full review) "We recently did a shootout with the new sE V7 handheld vocal mic against two classics, the Shure SM-58 and SM-7 and were very impressed with the V7. I've been leaning towards picking up a pair of MC930s. "sE Electronics have created a well-designed, well-engineered and stylish mic, hand-made from good quality components, and even if the look is not for you, the X1 S still has a capable and classy sound. The SE Electronics SE2A fitted with its cardioid capsule. sE Electronics sE8 vs Beyerdynamic MC930. They both seem somewhat flat (maybe more so on the se8's), and low self noise and sound very musical and balanced to me. I recently stumbled on the newer sE8's, which also look and sound great and are quite a bit less expensive. Photo: Mark Ewing. Large-Diaphragm Small-Diaphragm Ribbon Dynamic Wireless Live X1 Series Rupert Neve Signature Series Reflexion Filters® RF SPACE RF PRO RF-X guitaRF® X1 S Studio Bundle Accessories. It really is the Mos Eisley cantina of internet forums, isn’t it? Finally, the slightly wider SE3 has greater bass extension than the other two mics and so may be better suited to bass instruments in addition to its other duties, but it also has a nice transparent and airy sound that works well with any sound source that needs detailed coverage. It sounds more expensive than the cost." i use it for live audio so i don't have recordings but as far as the V7 goes it out performs a SM58 in my opinion. It had a much more extended top and bottom and the off axis rejection was much, much better than either of the Shure classics." sE Electronics Dynamite - Active Inline Preamp by: Sound-Guy (Dennis Wilkins) “Although I haven’t been recording in live venues for years, the idea of a phantom powered preamp for dynamic and ribbon mics in my studio has been tempting. I like the video's, recordings, feedback I've heard. Hello. Gearslutz reviews the V7 and we couldn't be more pleased with the results! DM1 DYNAMITE V CLAMP V CASE … A well balanced sound normally reserved for more expensive dynamic mics. Microphones . If you’re a Gearslutz moderator, I apologize in advance to whatever nOOb you’ll end up taking your rage out on today. Gearslutz reviews the V7 and we couldn't be more pleased with the results!

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