Non-stock and custom sanding belts can usually ship within 1-2 weeks giving you the longest lasting sanding belts … Personally, I use 80- and 120-grit belts regularly, and rarely, 50-grit. Grits coarser than 50 leave deep scratches that are difficult to remove. Sparky can custom make any size belt ¼” wide to 13” wide and up to 400” long. AA Abrasives, Inc. will pay UPS ground freight on qualified orders $250.00 and above placed through our web store at prices listed for qualified merchandise only, … And if you’re doing finer sanding… Sanding Belts. Shop By Popular Sizes. Sanders with 4-in.-wide belts are heavy-duty machines best left to cabinetmakers. 40 … 2 x 36 Inch Sanding Belts; 1/2 x 12 Inch Sanding Belts; 3/4 x 12 Inch Sanding Belts; 1 x 30 Inch Sanding Belts; 1 x 42 Inch Sanding Belts Many popular sanding belts sizes and grits are in stock and ready to ship including 6 x 48 Sanding Belts - Airfile sanding belts, portable sanding belts, bench stand sanding belts, wide sanding belts. Pick a belt, but not any belt. Many sizes in stock. The heavier the job, the coarser the sanding belt you'll need. Ready to Ship & Custom Belt to Order. Contact us today to get started with your custom order or if you need help you finding what you need from our extensive online selection of sanding belts. Choosing the Right Sanding Belt Grit. Free Shipping Offer for Orders over $250. Getting the right grit size on your sanding belt is essential if you want to complete the job successfully.

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