I used melted coconut oil so there’s no butter to cream and no mixer to dirty. It’s a mixture of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg. To make this cream cheese-filled pumpkin bread, simply whisk together the quick bread batter and spread roughly two-thirds of it into a greased 9×5-inch loaf pan. If you have a question regarding changing, altering, or making substitutions to the recipe, please check out the FAQ page for more info. —Justine Duffy, Wooster, Ohio The ribbon of cream cheese in your quick breads is a pure perfection, Averie! Keep the recipes coming! And yes to easy clean up recipes, too! Blend in pumpkin. Also I didnt have pumpkin pie spice so I substituted with tumeric. One question…the cream cheese supposed to be cakey or creamy? // I doubled all the ingredients for the cream cheese layer except only used 1 egg. I hope I didn’t miss it.. I feel so lame by only cooking regular pumpkin bread and lathering it in butter before eating it! This Easy Pumpkin Bread is perfect for breakfast or dessert. I had to keep adding 10 minutes till I ended up cooking it for 35 extra minutes (added to the 48) and it’s still uncooked consistentcy in the middle. Anything baked with pumpkin has the natural advantage of being moister because of how moist pumpkin is. I also refuse to use foil (no aluminum) in cooking so, I couldn’t make the tent…. And it’s great that you’re making pumpkin recipes even in ‘non pumpkin season’ :) I can relate! I made this gorgeous cake a few days ago.it was so beautifull but the texture was so much dense,especially the part beneath the cream cheese layer.in your photos it seems like springy but mine was not like this.I had this problem before with pumpkin cakes.where I live we don’t have canned pumpkin so I puree it myself and I guess it’s more watery than the canned?so is that the problem? Super moist, perfectly sweetened and very tender texture! If you don’t mind, I’d like to try and make a gluten/sugar-free version of this. But it rises in the oven beautifully and left in time recommended. ; ), Thank YOU for your support!! although I’ve made your vegan pumpkin muffin and it turned out just perfect. Thanks for trying the recipe. I’ve tried your banana bread with the cream cheese filling and I’m sure this bread is just as scrumptious! I made this recipe and it turned out great!! In a large bowl, add all the filling ingredients and whisk to combine. Also, are you baking soda and powder brand new and totally fresh? And it turned out just like your picture! You mean without the c.c. How to Make Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread. Hi I'm Kelley Simmons, a classically trained chef with a passion for cooking! Looks good! I did change couple things. It’s officially Fall, and you know what that means … Pumpkin season! Bake 55 min.or until toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean. I kept reading one can instead of one cup. Coconut oil adds a nearly imperceptible undertone that’s sweeter and more fragrant than canola or vegetable oil, but substitute with them if you’d like. I made this tonight, the bread needed an extra egg and an extra 1/2 cup of flour for the consistency of the batter to be right… I doubled the cream cheese filling because it didn’t really cover the batter very well, however I used only 1 egg in the cream cheese filling with 8 oz cream cheese. What size do you use for this recipe? I have a feeling if you re-try this recipe with that flour, and I use Libby’s pumpkin, and try cream cheese that’s different from what you already tried (And don’t use lite, even though I do and am fine, lite is runnier and you don’t need that)…those are my ideas for success. ). Please note: I have only made the recipe as written, and cannot give advice or predict what will happen if you change something. I just made this bread, and it turned out fantastic except all the cream cheese oozed to the sides so there’s not a thick layer of it in the middle of the bread. I love fall recipes! Glad your a fan of both PB and pumpkin! I know you mention the block and it’s moisture content in comparison to the tub. In the baking aisle of most any grocery store, Target, etc. Thanks for sharing…def a keeper! Don’t adjust the temp. What a beautiful and festive recipe! Whether it’s paired with a hot cup of coffee for breakfast or a cold glass of milk for dessert, this treat is sure to hit the spot this Fall. Pumpkin bread is one of my favorite things about Fall. I’ll definitely be using this for holiday parties! I was disheartened by then that I’d messed it all up. Gorgeous loaf, Averie, that ribbon is utter perfection! Ugh. I think I can do it and have it come out pretty decently…I hope. Glad it came out great for you and that you and your kids loved it!

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