Calibration enables the microbolometer temperature background to be equalised and defects in the image (such as vertical lines, phantom images etc.) Set the minute by pressing the UP (4) / DOWN (2) buttons. save your chosen date and exit the submenu, press and hold down the Menu button (3). For a better viewing experience, we recommend that glass wearers fold back the edge of the elastic eyeshade. The condition of the lens and eyepiece (there should be no cracks, greasy spots, dirt or other deposits). Turn the device off after use with a long press of the ON button (5). When used in low temperature conditions, image quality of the surroundings is worse than in positive temperature conditions. Do not charge the battery immediately after bringing it from the cold into a warm atmosphere. Charging the battery In low-temperature conditions, objects being observed (background) do, as a rule, cool down to roughly the same temperature, because of which temperature contrast is substantially reduced and image quality (detail) is poorer. Enter the ‘Time’ submenu with a short press of the Menu button (3). To exit the menu, press and hold down the Menu button (3). The device is detected automatically by the computer and no installation of drivers is required. USING THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Automatic exit from the menu occurs after 10 seconds of inactivity. 1). This is a feature of thermal imaging devices. When charging, always use the charger supplied with your optical device. The next time the device is turned on, the image is projected onto the display with the brightness and contrast settings saved from the previous power off. Short press of the DOWN button (2) activates the switching of the operating modes. Plug the deviceinto a 100–240 V power outlet (17). By following the link below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about thermal imaging Current magnification is calculated as the product of the base magnification and the smooth digital zoom ratio. Select the icon with a short press of the Menu button (3). 5. When the last item on the first tab is reached, navigation moves to the first item of the second tab. Press the UP (4) / DOWN (2) buttons to move through the menu functions. Where a pixel has been successfully deleted, the word ‘OK’ will appear briefly on the screen. Damage caused by failure to comply with the operating guidelines is not covered under warranty. This function disables the transfer of images to the display, reducing the intensity of its illumination to a minimum. Can be disconnected from the charger. The device’s functionality offers the possibility of quickly increasing its base multiplicity (see the table of technical properties in the Digital Zoom line) by a factor of 2 or 4. Do not leave a charger with a battery connected to the mains for more than 24 hours after full charge. An automatic recalculation of the distance to the target occurs simultaneously with this movement. User manual for Axion Key Thermal Imagers . If the device is operated from an external power source and the APS3 battery is not connected, an icon is displayed. To enable the alternative palettes described below and to toggle between them, press the DOWN button (2) long. The initial smooth digital zoom factor displayed is equal to x1.0 if the discrete zoom is inactive, x2.0 if is 2x, and x4.0 if 4x. FOREST MODE – This is the best mode when searching and observing within field AXION KEY X?22 Monocular pdf manual download. Zoom increase may be accompanied by insignificant image graininess. The status bar is located at the bottom of the display and displays information relating to the operational status of the device, including: Note: when calibration is in progress, the display image freezes for the duration of the calibration. If a defect should occur that is not listed in the table, or if it is impossible to repair the defect yourself, the device should be returned for repair. 4. Connect one end of the USB cable to the device’s microUSB connector (8) and, Switch the device on by pressing the ON button (5) (the computer will not. Then, by moving the marker across the display, you can delete the next defective tile. AXION KEY IR-matrix (microbolometer) based thermal imaging monoculars are represented by a number of models that differ in magnification and lens diameter. ATTENTION! A magnifying glass will appear on the right side of the display – an enlarged image with a fixed cross. Switching on and adjusting the image. Enter the ‘Date’ submenu with a short press of the Menu button (3). To save your chosen time and exit the submenu, press and hold down the Menu button (3). Insert the battery (10) into the assigned slot on the device casing (14), aligning the images on the instrument and the battery. To switch on the display, press the ON button (5) briefly. When PiP is turned off, the image is displayed with the optical zoom value set for the PiP mode. Close the lens cap before beginning calibration. Helion Thermal Imaging Scopes The Helion series thermal imagers embrace a wide range of professional and semi-professional applications from hunting and scouting to law enforcement and life rescue. Caution: Operating this product in a residential area may cause radio interference. A technical inspection of the device is recommended before each use. View and Download Pulsar AXION KEY X?22 quick start manual online. Set the hour by pressing the UP (4) / DOWN (2) buttons. The battery should be charged at a temperature of between 0° C and +45° C, otherwise the battery life will be significantly reduced. After exposure to static electricity, the device may either reboot automatically, or require turning off and on again. The AXION KEY XM22 is a thermal imaging monocular made by Pulsar and is part of the Axion Key series. If necessary, remove dust and sand from the lenses (preferably using a non-contact method). Battery charge from 0% to 10%; Charger not connected to the mains power supply. Carry out the recommended checks and repairs in the order shown in the table. Three calibration modes (manual, semi-automatic and automatic), Three observation modes (forest, rocks and identification). Your email address will not be published. USB connection (if the device is connected), Colour palette (displayed only when the Hot Black palette is installed), Battery discharge level (when the device is powered by the rechargeable battery), External power supply indicator (when the device is powered from an external supply), The stadiametric rangefinder function is accessed by a short press of the Menu button (3) and selecting the icon.

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