Your recipe book has been so helpful! This looks delicious! This looks and sounds AMAZING. Thank you Petrucia! Wow, congrats on 9 years! Big hugs! Hahaha! I’m thrilled you love it so much. I love to serve it with my Caesar salad too…such a great pairing! :) Thanks for the love! Your detoxes, cleanses, juice fasts, diet commercials, and cellulite cream jeans are starting to get on my nerves. I’m not 100% vegan or vegetarian, but this is how I eat most of the time. This will be my go-to dish for potlucks and dinner guests from now on. We use your All Purpose Cheese sauce all the time. Stir well to combine. And it’s so cool to hear that you hosted a big potluck at the end. Lynn, Lynn, Your comment made me smile so much!! So glad you love it Alyssa :). Love your recipes too (obviously) and they have really helped me reduce meat and dairy in my diet. “I’m not sure if working out counts….” he’d say. I only have a 9 x 13 casserole dish. I love to think of excuses to make the all-purpose cheese–its incredible! Full disclosure? I am not sure why, but my Amazon store with product recommendations isn’t working. I have been following you for ages – but not 9 years I dont think, can we see a link to your first post? I know, I know, where is the cake? the ones i bought in another life were not really that good…any recommendation on a brand? is it yours that you want us to make more chunky or is it a commercial one? I remember one of your first posts. We loved it!!!! Hello there! (cruelty-free), Perfect Little Pumpkin Cookies with Spiced Buttercream. If it’s a bit runny it’ll just mix into the sauce more evenly. My go-to store bought marinara sauce is the one from Costco…”White Linen Collection” it is absolutely ADDICTIVE!! Awesome to hear this recipe was such a hit too. Thank-you for helping me (and my family and friends) enjoy good health and avoid disease – without deprivation. The leftovers are just as delicious chilled! I really appreciate it, and the fact that you’ve so generously gifted my books to loved ones in your life. Turn off the heat. Aww what a compliment Lacey…thank you for being so eager to try out my recipes (and refer friends to them too!). To say I was feeling burned out is an understatement. I hate mushrooms to the point where even mincing them up to hide in the meal won’t work for me, haha. My husband went back for thirds! There’s something unique about your blog, for some reason I always know every recipe will turn out great if I try it. Hey Anne, Thank you so much for the feedback! And I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the recipes so much. Thank you Angela, you are the best ♥. I think I need a moment to process this. I have used many of your recipes and love them. I have both of your cookbooks, and they are absolutely the most used of them all. He made this casserole for Christmas Eve dinner this year, and even my meat-loving husband was still raving about it just yesterday! Nine years later, one of my favourite things to do is cook and try new things in the kitchen. Thank you! Scarlett, I can’t tell you how much this means to me to read! I made your cheese sauce also for a potluck to go over a chili and let me tell you, it was a hit! My recipe tester Nicole has said that she has frozen it successfully. It’s SO nice to hear from you and yes it’s been years! I had so many inspiring conversations and left that evening even more grateful for this community and what I do. When Eric asked me what hobbies I had, I honestly couldn’t think of anything outside my daily gym sessions. Well, I’m honoured it became a regular addiction for you. How can this be?! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Sounds like we’ve had similar changes with our diet over the years. Just so you know I’m tuning you out, so don’t bother trying to lure me in with 6 easy payments or strict diet plans. Congrats on all of your success. Hi Angela — do you think there’s a way to make this recipe using dry lentils instead of canned? Thank you so much for posting your freezer tip…always love hearing about how others do it successfully. Ingredients: 2 medium eggplants 1.5 medium zucchini, thinly sliced 2 cups leftover homemade chili OR pasta sauce One 15-ounce can navy (great northern) beans, drained and rinsed 1/2 tablespoon nutritional yeast (optional) 1 teaspoon basil 1/2 teaspoon oregano 2 … I keep telling people to go check your app and your blog. Our family is in love with this cheesy, creamy, and hearty casserole! After preparing and baking the casserole, I froze individual portions in medium freezer bags, including a sprinkling of irresistable Cashew-Garlic Parmesan, with all extra air pressed out of the bag. Wonderful news..thanks for trying it out Alice :). Her complaint with traditional stuffing was that it felt too much like autumn instead of spring; it tends to be heavy, instead of light and fresh. for the Japan Disaster Fundraiser!! Still, I expected that I would blog for a couple weeks and grow tired of it, but I tapped into something that had been hiding deep below the surface for many, many years…my creativity! He was so confused. * If your sliced mushrooms are on the thicker side, dice them up before adding to the pot—they’ll cook faster. This money is going to help many in need! All the best to you and your family in 2018! I made a giant batch last night. Can you believe it? And I wish my husband would tell me I need another hobby!

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