i pray to almighty god to clear her head and bring her back to me. Have faith sister, today is the day. we are in different place and it is hard for me this way. I know I haven’t pray a long time but plz God help me I will be a better person. I am so sorry I have fallen by the wayside & lost all my strength. Will you please bring her back. I went over last weekend to see His dog Callie,he still let’s me see her.So when I went over they all were eating Bedfast.I met his roommate’s girlfriend,she was really rude.And made a comment, about me comming over.Joe really change alot this people,all they want to do is drink and get drunk. I will be waiting on the perfect time that he will come bavk in my life. I vow to devote my heart and soul to him, completely and be the best partner I can be for him. He loved me but I could not understand as he often said it indirectly, but now he is not in touch with me like before, Please pray for me so that he comes back in my life again and say the things directly and blossom my life with his precious love and romance. My name is Mr Rose from united state thanks to priest umahon for bring back my lover my husband dumped me for another woman but by the grace of God we are now back with the help of priest umahon if you are in any kind of problem about your relationship contact umahon on his email> [email protected]ail. Please pray for me and my boyfriend,i am 5months.pregnant and he has ended our relationship. Dear God help me bring back my man.He accuses me of sleeping with another guy. There are many obstacles for my marriage..Both we are isolated now..Plz solve our mis-understandings and join us. 5- Keep Your Partner Faithful And Loyal To You. I ask this with a heavy heart and full of faith in You Lord. Please help me with the love of my life to come back to me. Please pray that she will open her heart just enough to give me just one chance to prove I wont be the person I was. Bring him back to me, Lord I love this man for no other reason besides he is my heart. Although this wasn’t the “ideal” breakup, I am more than willing to forgive him for what he put me through. I ‘ve lost my love of eight months. He was my rock, my soulmate, my protecter to be honest he was my everything. I have dated and been married before so know the difference he was my true soulmate and had truly fallen madly in love with him. Amen! I need him in my life so we will have a proper family with our son. I still love her so much I can’t think about her lately. I had 12.6 yrs with him I know he still loves me and wants to come back. I love him soo much…. Now when i need him he is nowhere. I pray in the name of Jesus.. My lorad,please help me,&please bring back my lost love JoysJohn to me.I loved him only..hope he also.But now he left from me without any reason.I know some one(his friends/family)only brainwashed him.otherwise he was the good person.He hurts to me lots,hated me,shouted me,cheated me.But still iam loveing him.I want only him.you know that he only my happiness in this world.Now he stop his relationship & communication with me.I wont lost him.knowing persons & unknowing persons also sometime gave advice to me.But i want anything else.i want my love(Joys)onlyhe wants come back to me & he will gave true love with whole happiness to me in my all life,He is in stress in dark now please bring him on your light,he wants understand about me & my love.please God please bring back my lost love JoysJohn to me..Amen…I trust that you will reply me soon my love come back to me again.i never expect anything from him without love.so please bring back him.iam requst with tears I pray in the name of Jesus..Amen……. All this severe regret and distress I now have knowing I’ll prob never have another chance with her.. not one bit. It was because of my own selfishness and narrow mindedness that we are apart. Lead us to reunite soon and then into the sacred sacrement of holy matrimony. I lost this amazing gift you gave me from being stupid and unwilling to change for the better. Because of my attitude, anger and weaknesses I lost the love of my life. The woman that has left made be completely understand. I will never cease to Honor you my Lord. I need prayer the father of my son just dumped me last month I’m not coping. Perharps I have push too much too fast, but life is short and I dearly want her to be my better half and life partner. I truly love her… PLEASE PRAY FOR ME… In your loving name, amen. However deep in my heart, deep in my prayers to You I ask that if he truly loves me as much as I believe and feel he does. She is the light of my soul. I love him with all my heart and soul.. You wore an apparent glow. Amen, Lord ..I seek your sanctuary and your refuge …its been like over 5 months since I HV spoken to my love…lord I love her with pure heart n no single day passes when I don’t miss her …I know you are my witness lord…please GOD lay your hands on her and guide her to me…I love her very much ….please accept my prayer and I pray for others too…hope no one faces love issues …I pray that everyone’s relationship is restored n grows stronger..in the name of JesusAmen, Heavenly Father i pray in the name of Jesus to hear my prayer to bring back Eric Lucas Chokwe back to my life.i beg in the mighty name of Jesus.i believe in you my God that whatever we ask in your name you shall deliver thank you Jesus amen, lord you have never failed me. Please let her see me for what I really am, a loving, caring man who will do anything for her. I thought with time the pain would lessen but it only gets worse. I betray you Lord when I lost her. Please advise. Please lord. I promise I try to take care of him more until my last breath. He always said nice things about me that he was happy and we should take our relationship to another level. Hello I have lost the love of my life the only true love I have known it’s all my fault from fearing to commit when we were ment to get engaged I baulked and ran away came back argued ran away and came back over and over she got sick of waiting and me hurting her after our last argument I stayed away from her for a couple of weeks and came back ready to committ full but it was too late and she was to scared of getting hurt again now she has met someone new I so want to make a life with her she is so loving warm and kind I love her with all my heart and miss her so much I pray that god puta her back into my life she is called Jennifer please help me, i wish God cn bring back the lv of my lyf…mr Sidane, I loved a. please god help us to reunite . Please help us to start communicating again; help us to start our love all over again. Lord bring us both sincere and forgiving loving hearts for one another as well for as others immediately. Amen. for us to be happy in our lives. I would like to request you to bring the love of my life back to me and give me another chance to make the changed i should to have a wonderful long lasting relationship. Since all of this I saw her out this past Saturday and did not look at her or say a word to her.. I am a humble woman, i believe in one man one woman. Please help me. I know how you feel, at least your not alone with your situation. I was married twice and never thought I could ever find love but I did the only problem he was still confuse and didn’t want to get hurt and thought to much of his past, I never felt like this for anyone I ask St. Anthony to pls. God you said that we should get married I have met the man I would enjoy being married to and this is my prayer, that we get married soon suddenly and quickly I love him dearly but I would never love him as much as I love youFather God I want in the name of Jesus on the blood of Jesus on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus I pray that the Holy Spirit leads us guides us heart to heart back together as one Thank You for praying with me trivia, Lord God I thank you for all the blessings you showered us everyday from small thing and big thing that we received everyday that shelter we have th food we eat and the life we have and the air the we breath each day we wake up thank you God for giving us all of thisAnd now lord God I am begging you plplease to bring back the man that I love deeply he was all of my dreams I love him the way ho hook cares of me and my kids at first I was scared because he is so much protective and hr gave us all what we want in life..it just that something happen and he think I always lie to him at one point I do but that’s not big lie it a mistake that never be back his trust I love him so much I can’t even sleep at night its him I saw ven in my dream I was just scared to love him before but now he is gone for almost a year and its seems that he is the same page rson I want to be with the rest of my life I want him back god please give me back my niel kapacee back I love him and my life is worthless and senseless and no meaning with him in our life I love him so much that I can’t even take away my feelings for him even I tried so many thing to forget him please I beg you lord to send him back to me once more and I swear I will never ever hurt him again I will love home til I die please lord give me back the man I love Thank you amen.

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