Like other houses, the House Nobody Asked For is a group of eight young TikTokers who each have their own relatively large followings. Read more. A New Jersey-based firm that provides TikTok influencers with posh pads featured in viral videos went public this week, according to a report Friday. Pranks, skits and dancing… welcome to the TikTok house. West of Hudson Group, which operates a network of houses where TikTok influencers live and perform, went public last week, the New York Times reported. The TikTok house in Los Angeles known as Fenty Beauty, set up by musician Rihanna to promote her beauty products, took the decision to close in late March. There are very charismatic young guys and girls on this TikTok page spreading the message of God. The Top Talent House consists of Anna Shumate, Rachel Brockman, Eva Cudmore and Katie Pego, who all have a big individual following on TikTok.. Anna Shumate is a … Tongji … It’s a relatively new group — having only been formed on August 10 — and already has roughly 390,000 followers, who watch the couples perform exercise routines and complete challenges. However, I was caught off guard this past week when I kept coming across videos from a new TikTok House on my For You page — and I was enjoying them. Yet a ban on TikTok would still be a huge loss. Who are the members? Praise House is a new page on TikTok that has over 177 thousand followers and has been able to garner 2.3 million likes through their videos about God, Christianity, and holy things. The Honey House is a self-described “adult TikTok house” and is made up of four couples.

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