During the 1987-1992 field work seasons of the TBBA project, volunteers found 4 confirmed, 15 probable and 4 possible breeding sites for Mexican Ducks, almost all in the Trans-Pecos region (see the region map in Lockwood and Freeman [2004]). Mojo King Mallard Visibility Test | Cabela's Northern Flight - Duration: 3:28. Both sexes of this 51–56 cm length bird resemble a female mallard, but with a slightly darker body. Last Friday, I saw what looked to me like a male Mallard x Mexican Duck hybrid. Only an extensive study of morphological variation and nuclear DNA across the range of the Mexican Duck and Mallard can really address this question well. Presumed Mexican Duck x Mallard hybrid showing extensive green in the head, as well as other Mallard-like plumage. (2002). Including the Mexican Duck in the Mallard is a relict from the usual practice of much of the mid-late 20th century, when all North American "mallardines" as well as the Hawaiian and Laysan Ducks were included in the Mallard The Mexican Duck looks a lot like a female Mallard, but darker and (in a male, such as this one) with a bright yellow bill. Mexican ducks are fond of the green shoots of alfafa and feed at night on irrigated fields. Yellow bill, brown head with darker crown, dark eye line, and brown tail coverts all seem to suggest male Mexican Duck. However, recent genetic studies strongly suggest that the Mexican Duck should be returned to full species status. The Mexican duck is mainly brown, with DNA research suggests that such hybridization is much less common than previously thought. DISTRIBUTION. Mallard x Mexican Duck hybrid, Rio Rico Ponds, Santa Rita County (Arizona, USA), 20th January 2015 - copyright Steve Mlodinow (photo IDs: 1780-1782) Cathy describes how … These photos are intended to provide a … Cabela's Hunting 6,030 views 3:28 Snow Goose Hunting- 200 bird day over water - Duration: 10:06. The Mexican Duck, Anas platyrhynchos diazi, was recognized as a full species (then A. diazi) until the American Ornithological Society (AOS; then AOU) merged it with the Mallard (AOU 1983), largely based on data from Hubbard (1977). A more detailed discussion of the taxonomy of Mexican Duck is presented in the Systematics section of Drilling et al. El Paso Co

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