Vapor-distilled and ionized to 9+ pH level, this water has added electrolytes for a crisp, clean taste and ultimate hydration. One woman said the water has a “clean” and “pure” taste. EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher. With its pH of 8.1, this alkaline water is way less acidic than your average tap water and is also a great source of electrolytes and essential minerals. First, let’s check out all the important details of Perfect Hydration alkaline water. It’s wise to proceed with caution with alkaline water above 9.5. What’s in Perfect Hydration alkaline water? Bai Antioxidant Water is infused with the antioxidant mineral selenium and natural electrolytes for taste and ultimate hydration. Sign up now to get instant access to our exclusive list of amazing alkaline herbs and spices plus where to find them! Overall, the high pH concerns me a bit, but the TDS looks good to me. Sourced from Iceland's pristine Ölfus Spring, this water has a naturally high alkalinity and no added minerals. Good for You? With waves of athletes, musicians, and other celebrities endorsing alkaline water, it's one of the most hotly marketed beverage trends to watch. Drinking regular water will provide you with all the hydration and most of the nutrients that you need. With a pH balance of 7.5 or higher, this alkaline water is less acidic and better-tasting than your tap water. Where to Buy Perfect Hydration Water in Bulk, My Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water Review. The truth is that any type of water is good for you … Also, I noticed they left out calcium in their mineral blend. EHM I’ll break my review into two sections: my likes and my dislikes. If you’re naturally a heavy sweater or looking to replenish hydration after you’ve been sick, focus on choosing zero or low-calorie options, says Patton. Hydrogen water and any other type of water on this list will not be able to repair an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. A lot of people are taking advantage of the convenience of having water shipped straight to their doors instead of lugging it home from the supermarket. The pH balance of LIFEWTR ranges between 6.4 to 7.4, which makes it slightly less acidic than standard tap water. If you're looking for a great-tasting alkaline water to kickstart your workout or daily grind, check out AQUAhydrate. I’ve been busy this week reviewing bottled alkaline water brands and have become somewhat of an expert in the process. Perfect Hydration has 0mg of sodium per serving, which is a good thing since we don’t need extra sodium in our water. When you're thirsty and in need of a drink, which beverages are best at keeping you hydrated? It protects your tissues, spinal cord, and joints. Feel free to jump to any section using the links in the table of contents below or keep scrolling to read my full review. You’re about to find out in my Perfect Hydration alkaline water review. I read through the Perfect Hydration alkaline water reviews, and here’s what I found: Of 66 total reviews currently on Amazon, 76% are 5-star. The good news is that CORE is alkaline because slightly alkaline water is definitely better than acidic water. I do like the low TDS of Perfect Hydration water. If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Most of us get more than enough from our food. However, not all pH test strips can accurately measure the pH of drinking water. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This purified water has an alkaline pH of 9+ and a proprietary electrolyte blend to deliver serious hydration, plus an electrolyte boost. There’s alkaline artesian water, electrolyte-enhanced alkaline water, and ionized water. The TDS (total dissolved solids) gives you an idea of how many minerals are in your water. What did you think of my Perfect Hydration alkaline water review? Try some of these recommended alkaline water brands below, or make your own at home with an alkaline water filter or pitcher. Right away, I noticed several differences in this brand when compared to other brands I’ve reviewed. As I mentioned already, I like that it has a lower TDS than other brands I’ve reviewed. While it hasn't been backed by medical research, some experts claim that drinking alkaline water can help neutralize acid, boost metabolism, and even help your body absorb nutrients better. the “alkaline” bit in alkaline water refers to its pH level, The Best Juice Cleanses for a Healthy Start to 2020, The Best Wellness & Weight Loss Products for Healthy Living in 2020, Water Filter Pitchers for Tasty Water At Home, High-Quality Water Bottles That Will Last Forever, Water Bottles for Hydrating the Eco-Friendly Way, Fruit-Infuser Water Bottles Will Make You Love H2O. What is TDS? Drinking water is often overlooked as a necessary part of staying healthy. With a pH level of 8.4, Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water is significantly less acidic than tap water and has a crisp, clean taste. For now, here’s a video by a future scientist who ran the Perfect Hydration pH and TDS tests for you: To my eye, the pH of Perfect Hydration water appeared even higher than 9.5. You may already be familiar with top-selling water brand Smartwater, but we bet you haven't tried their new alkaline water yet. If you want to get an accurate pH reading of your water, urine, or other liquids down to the hundredth, I recommend buying this reliable pH meter. I always like to read through the reviews of a product to see what other people are saying about it before I try it myself. More: The Best Juice Cleanses for a Healthy Start to 2020.

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