Thus, business owners must know which laws … It deals with employer and employee relationship[ CITATION Ayl01 \l 1033 ]. For instance, a decision to offer promissory notes, a type of loan to your investors, will subject the legal factor affecting business to state and federal regulations and security laws… Businesses that violate these laws may be subject to lawsuits or financial penalties. A myriad of federal and state laws have been enacted to protect consumers from unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices by businesses. For example, laws force businesses to use certain practices to limit air … Environmental laws establish rules that seek to limit the negative impact businesses can have on the environment. Laws protect consumers who buy from businesses and workers employed by businesses. The business should follow the employment law … The impact of company law is in my view, two fold: 1) As a regulation on wealth creation and 2) A pricing mechanism for investors. As a business owner whose sole place of business is in New York City, an epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, our law firm has experienced first-hand the impact of COVID-19 on daily life. Other legal requirements may apply depending on the nature of your business… LO2 The potential impact of law on business The employment law and its impact on business Employment is the engagement of person with work for remuneration. Securities Law. As a regulation, company law creates a separate legal entity … A raft of other UK laws may affect your business, from copyright law designed to protect brands to patent law that protects intellectual property and inventions. Environmental Law. The main aim of employment law is to protect the rights of the employees of the company. The government use legislation to regulate businesses’ behaviour and prevent them from exploiting people. If a business is seeking to obtain financing through different types of investors, it may be subject to legal issues such as security law.

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