2. Many of them have already cased your home or neighborhood first, so that they know what you have, what your neighbors are like, and when you’ll be gone. And not only that, we did not keep the door to the house from the garage locked. The first step to burglar-poof your home is to make sure your doors and windows are locked. Anyone can push the door in and lift it to bump the lock out of place. These windows are not only doubled-paned, but safety glazed, making them shatter-resistant. In fact, many burglars said they will totally avoid neighborhoods with neighborhood watch signs. By the time she went back out to close it, someone had already run in and stolen his tool box full  of expensive tools. If you want something less expensive than a fancy lock or new glass, consider breaking out your gardening supplies. As one burglar said, “It’s amazing how many people leave their doors unlocked.”. 28 Powerful Home Security Solutions: How to Stop Burglars from Targeting Your Home and Stealing Your Valuables Living in Switzerland, I discovered the casement window with double-paned, insulated glass. Here are some things that burglars look for when deciding if a house is worth breaking in to: While it’s inevitable that you won’t be home all the time, criminals tend to target empty homes. Our confessed burglar to the right said, “I look in the garage. If your social media profiles are public, we recommend holding off on posting about your trip until after you get back. A gate serves as a psychological barrier. Interior lights in main rooms like the kitchen, living room, and master bedrooms are some of the best burglar deterrents. This includes the bathroom, second floor, and basement windows. Conclusion: Nothing is perfect in this world these all the above-mentioned ideas will protect your home from burglary. My instincts KNEW he was bad news, but I let my mind talk me out of it. Some homeowners are hesitant to take this safety precaution because of the unsightly appearance of window bars. Powered with love by All About Security Cameras, Open curtains that reveal what you have in your home, Open doors or windows (this includes garage doors), Valuables left out in the open, such as lawn equipment or bicycles, Large bushes that obscure the front yard or door to your home, a particular type of home typically means disposable income..that means they have jewelry or cash, yards with nice fences because they indicate nice interior, glass front doors that let them see inside. Here’s the original video of the father-son team who designed and patented it. The master bedroom. We recommend ditching your AC unit and investing in central air in the name of your home’s security. Your goal is to strategically place the plant so that it acts like a barrier. The windows I’d seen go up and down and lock with a lever that you can slide into the lock. According to a list of 2018 crime statistics published by the FBI, a burglary occurs around every 25 seconds in the U.S.Even if you live in a seemingly “good” area, your home may still be a target for burglars. A large pile of uncollected mail is a sign to a thief that your house is unoccupied and an easy target. The opportunist burglar is more an amateur. Most burglars will leave a house if the dog is aggressive, and this they can discern from the reaction to someone at the door. In this section, we’ll focus on the professional burglar. How to Stop Burglars from Targeting Your Home: Don’t forget to close your windows, 3.  to Burglar-Proof Your Home, Reinforce Your Doors, 5. He looked stunned and asked if I knew some random named person. The professional. I remember once coming back with a friend from a trip. To give complete peace of mind we’ve compiled a list of 8 things you should be doing to keep those would-be thieves at bay… Whether you’ve been a victim of burglary or not, it’s natural to wonder how burglars do it. If you  have ad-blocker on, you may not see them. Find out if your garage door opener is one of them. Safenow.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites. Two ex-burglars spoke to home security experts Bark.com about 10 tips which really will make burglars think twice about targeting your home. A drunken crew of merry men, who apparently had the wrong house, came through our open garage and walked right into our house in the middle of the night. If a thief notices your house is dark all the time, they will assume no one is home. So, if we’re talking about how to stop burglars from targeting your home, let’s take an example. And still again, one burglar said very matter-of-factly in his interview, “if I see something in the house that I want, I’m going to find a way to get in there.”. First, get longer screws for your door hinges and strike plate. Maybe that sounds lofty, but seriously – after 4 break-ins and a lot people trespassing and knocking on my door, I’d had enough. If you get that funny feeling in your body about a strange person, trust it. A casement window, on the other hand, is hinged and locks with the handle. We aren’t trying to scare anyone or push any agenda here. Throughout the posts, I have ad images and links to all of the security cameras and accessories that we feature. We also advise that you move items like cash, jewelry, brand-name clothing, and firearms from your master bedroom to a safer location. This way, an observant thief who’s carefully studying your house won’t be able to tell your lights are on a set timer. We encourage you to start a Neighborhood Watch Program if there isn’t one in your neighborhood already. As a matter of fact, on cool nights I’d even leave my balcony door open. Long, uncut grass and non-manicured landscape are telltale signs that no one is around. They will see a vulnerable property and decide to break into it spontaneously. Studies reveal that a lack of surveillance around your homes gives more chances of burglary. Said our burglar to the left, “The only thing that attracts a burglar is opportunity. Instead of staying home all day to protect your house, there are security measures you can take that we’ll explore later on in this article. There are lots of security videos showing thieves feeding dogs treats to calm them down. Another easy fix is to install a sliding door patio lock, such as this one from Toledo & Co. What you’re looking for an “anti-lift lock” for your patio door. When I lived in Florida, in one of the places that was burglarized, my front porch was intentionally obscured. You can ask a neighbor to do this or recruit a lawn care company. How Landscaping Can Attract or Deter Burglars. If everyone’s trashcans are put away and yours are still out, that’s an opportunity to check out the situation. One burglar interviewed said that people forget to add lighting to the sides of the house. 1. This is definitely my preferred method. If your property is lit up at night, a burglar will be more likely to target a house where they can more successfully enter undetected. LUCKILY, he didn’t think to check my box of tampons in the bathroom. In Burglary Prevention Tips by jesNovember 27, 2017. Situational awareness is the capacity for perceiving all critical elements in your immediate environment, combined with an ability for identifying potential threats or dangerous situations and executing a plan of action for removing yourself from peril. If you can control your timed lights from your phone, consider changing the time your lights come on every once in a while. Lock yourself and any other residents in a safe room, preferably on the second floor if you have one. I don’t have any annoying ads that chase you around or pop up while you’re reading. Criminals want an area they can access easily. You can also get something thorny with intertwining branches, such as a bougainvillea and cactus pairing, and put them in front of windows.

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