Remember to have your parents to check the laws in your area about kids having a business, since you may need a license. The flyers included a bit of information about each of them and that they were available for pet-sitting, pet cleanup in the yard, or even available to help give pets a bath by bringing over their own soap and brushes. To get their first sales, kids may be able to use their social media accounts to promote their Etsy products. “After completing training, it’s easy to start as a sitter by reaching out to neighbors, families, and friends. It wasn’t selling at $400, so they lowered it a bit and began negotiating with an interested buyer who offered $250. There’s also a payment processing fee of around 3%. Additionally, if a computer becomes infected with a virus, they can run virus removal software to clean the computer and get it working again. As a caregiver, a kid could earn anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. If you like to talk about stuff that's important to kids your age or have a great singing voice or another talent, creating your own YouTube video channel can make you some money through YouTube's revenue share program. You must be logged in to comment. In the past 30 years, the number of households with a dog went up 58%. It’s an easy business to learn, because they can practice on their own parent or guardian’s car. Additionally, they’ll learn quality money management skills through managing income and expenses within the business. It’s time-consuming, and the average video can require several hours to edit. A caregiver typically helps an elderly person with transportation, housekeeping, and basic food preparation; they also offer companionship. Facebook Use your art skills to get creative with your lemonade stand so that it attracts attention. They can earn up to $50 a night watching a dog. Besides earning extra money, you can also feel good that you are helping someone who will appreciate it. A babysitting business is a common venture for teenagers to pursue. If a kid enjoys making handmade items and art, such as jewelry, knitting, scarves, wood signs, or soap, they can sell them on One opportunity kids should look out for is when their neighbors become injured, sick, or incapacitated in some way that they cannot mow their lawn; this is a good time to offer services and truly help someone. It’s a good idea to purchase an older computer for them to practice on, so they can experiment with downloading software and backing up a computer’s information before working on a customer’s computer. We have partnerships with some of the companies featured in this article. With advances in software, it has never been easier to build a website. “First, they tried bundling all the dolls and clothes together to sell for $400, because they wanted a trampoline. Sitters can also post their services in community newsletters, apps, and on social media pages.”, – Elizabeth Malson, President, Amslee Institute. They can even help you shoot your video and maybe give you a lot of helpful advice. He was able to get five customers, which ended up being $100 per week and $400 per month—which is crazy for only working a few hours per week and being 12 years old. It can take time to gain traction and make sales on Etsy. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 can join the website, although they need a guardian’s approval. If you don't mind doing chores, you may find that some of your neighbors need help with this kind of work. The cost to start this business may be several hundred dollars to purchase an older computer and the anti-virus software to repair the infected computers. Anyone can earn from $2 to $5 for every 1,000 views. Madison DuPaix created, a personal finance website, and has written on career planning and finance for the Mint Life Blog and A tried and true way to make some extra money is to offer to do yard work for neighbors. Kids start their businesses every day, with many getting help from mom, dad, or friends. “A fantastic business idea for kids is pet-sitting. Starting your own business can be fun, but it can also make you extra money. A kid can make anywhere from $30 to over $200 for a photo shoot. Normally, the location for a lemonade stand will be your front yard, but you may want to choose an area where more people will see your stand. Depending on the type of services their clients need, teens can charge anywhere from $15 to $65 an hour to help someone set up or repair their computer. Additionally, once subscribers increase to thousands or higher, brands may offer to pay for sponsored videos. As a business owner myself, my kids have always been interested in running their own ventures from an early age. Most important step for starting a business for kids is arranging common items they buy which range from reading and play materials to variety of other sports materials or boosters. Although the basic duties of a caregiver don’t require training, we recommend first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. Remember that you should always talk to your parents before starting your own YouTube channel. For example, you might enjoy music, building, athletics, or games. Depending on skill level, child graphic designers could earn anywhere from $15 to over $50 an hour doing graphic design work. A lemonade stand is one of the most popular kid's businesses. Recently, they sold some American Girl Dolls on Letgo. Every kid-run business benefits from a website. An alternative to taking care of children is acting as a caregiver to an adult in need. My kids usually always had a goal—they would save up a certain amount to buy whatever hot-ticket item they wanted at the time.”. Also, just because you’re a kid starting a business, you’ll get some sympathy.”. Additionally, kids could set up a profile on freelancing websites, like Fiverr, to get projects from around the world. Depending on their experience and size of the dog, kids can earn $15 to $50 selling dog grooming services. Many dog owners are away from their dogs for over 10 hours a day. Before you agree to walk someone’s dog, it is a smart idea to spend a little time with the pet while the owner is there to see if you feel comfortable with each other. With basic design skills, creative kids can design marketing materials for small businesses. Working on computers is a great skill for kids to learn, because they will carry the problem-solving skills they learn into adulthood. Prior to joining Fit Small Business, Blake consulted with over 700 small biz owners and assisted with starting and growing their businesses. Blake is an award-winning consultant, writer, and speaker. If a kid has one of the latest smartphones (no more than a few years old), they can take quality photos for customers. His expertise is featured across Fit Small Business in starting a business content. It is important to be careful when mowing grass by wearing protection. Typically, they need photographs for social media and their website, but they don’t have the budget to pay a professional photographer. The cost to start a YouTube channel is minimal. Additional costs include items like wax, a buffer, vacuum, interior detailing wipes, and leather seat wipes. It’s simple to start and doesn’t require transportation to reach customers. It’s simple to start and doesn’t require transportation to reach customers. To find a family that needs babysitting services, they can join a website like A website gives businesses credibility and makes it easy for local customers to find them when searching for their products or services. Kids start their businesses every day, with many getting help from mom, dad, or friends. This article is part of a larger series on Starting a Business. They won’t have to make a quarterly income tax payment unless they’ll owe the IRS more than $1,000 in taxes. DreamHost is an all-in-one website platform with hosting, domain name registration, and a WordPress website builder. There’s a kid in my neighborhood who’s going into the 8th grade this upcoming school year, and last year he started mowing lawns. Share them with us in the comments. Get started with Dreamhost today for under $10 per month. I’d recommend kids look for business ideas that handle the grunt work that adults hate. One of the great reasons to start your own business besides learning how to make your own money is that it helps to build confidence. They don’t need transportation to service clients; equipment can be pushed or carried to a neighbor’s home. Many small businesses don’t have the budget to hire a full-time graphic designer to create logos, brochures, flyers, and postcards. If you don't already have a business in mind, brainstorm some ideas. It’s free to open an online store on Etsy; however, it charges 20 cents to list an item along with a transaction fee of 5%. As a consultant, he helped over 700 biz owners start and grow their business.

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