There are two ways to brew tea. Boil the water in a large pot and add all of the tea bags. . Cook for a further 2 - 3 minutes, until the syrup has thickened up slightly. Honestly though, I much prefer the tapioca pearls I make myself. Both recipes will be included below. Occasionally, I’d buy some quick cook tapioca balls, if I’m lucky enough to find them at an Asian grocery store. Cold brew tea – This is in no way a traditional way to make tea. Earl grey tea, matcha tea, other green teas, oolong tea, jasmine tea and even tea bags with fruit flavors. Serve with a large straw. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. First I showed you guys how to make tapioca pearls from scratch, so next up is this deliciously refreshing bubble milk tea recipe. Learn how your comment data is processed. My food is a reflection of those amazing experiences! While hot tea was a staple for me as a kid, the adult me prefers iced tea variations, like this bubble milk tea. I also use dark brown sugar simple syrup. Join my FREE recipe challenge to receive new recipes and dinner ideas straight to your inbox! Cook the tapioca pearls according to the directions on the package. But you can also store cooked boba pearls in a simple syrup solution (white sugar and water), or just honey. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you) that will help support this website. The strong tannin flavor in black tea is an important factor here. The tea being too cloudy is not necessarily a deterrent to making milk tea however, because once you add milk, it won’t make a difference. As a result, I’ve always been picky about my teas. And now you can make bubble tea easily at home! Avoid black teas that are weaker than Chinese breakfast tea, since the flavor of tea would be lost with the addition of milk. Press the French press plunger, until the tea leaves are just below the surface of the water, so that they remain submerged in the water. You can also use dairy free alternatives for creamer if you like. This classic bubble tea drink, originating from Taiwan, is one of my favorite summer drinks! The tea should be chilled or at least at room temperature (if you’re adding ice). Bubble tea is one of my favorite things to sip on year-round. This recipe is super easy to prepare. Heat the water to 205°F / 96°C (if you don't have a thermometer to measure the temperature, bring the water to a boil, and then leave it off-heat for about 3 minutes to reach the correct temp. Ice-blended versions are usually mixed with fruit or syrup, resulting in a slushy consistency. Now the milk mustache is making a comeback, this time with tea! You can also shake the tea in a cocktail shaker with some ice to cool it down more rapidly. The recipe is simple, but making the balls can get really tedious. I’m Dini, a third culture kid by upbringing and a food-geek by nature. This is critical for the best homemade bubble tea recipe. Find me sharing more inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Remove from the heat and add the sweetened condensed milk, adding a little at a time until you achieve the sweetness that you want. They are less chewier than homemade, but still work great for this bubble tea recipe! Another great thing about making your own bubble milk tea is that YOU can control how sweet it is. Brewed tea can be stored in the fridge for about 2 days. If you're making hot brewed tea, and you'd like to enjoy the tea ASAP, you can keep the container with the tea in the freezer, or in an ice bath. If I’m making hot brew tea, I make sure to strain the tea once brewed, and let the tea cool to room temperature BEFORE storing it in the fridge. Mustache Milk Tea is chilled tea with milk foam or nǎipào on top. However, once I do make a couple of batches, I can store them in the fridge and cook the boba pearls whenever my bubble tea cravings strike. While hot tea was a staple for me as a kid, the adult me prefers iced tea variations, like this bubble milk tea. You HAVE to brew the tea properly! Boil for about 5 minutes. Hi! Other options are Assam tea, or Chinese breakfast tea. I prefer the taste of milk in my classic boba pearl milk tea, but I’ve used plenty of alternatives over the years. Enjoy. Strain the tea leaves, and place the tea in the fridge to cool down. Bubble milk tea is really the perfect summer drink. They are chewier than the quick cook version, and the ingredient list is short and simple. After that, it starts to lose its freshness. I don’t store cooked boba pearls in the fridge for longer than a day. Add ice into the cocktail shaker and shake until fluid is slightly chilled and bubbly.

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