Check out my highlights on Instagram to see me sporting this rose clay collagen face mask!! Anywhere in that range is fine. In fact, most research findings point to UV exposure as the primary cause of skin aging. Just like taking a multivitamin or supplemental protein powder, taking an extra dose of collagen to support my body’s optimal function and tendon health seems like an intriguing concept. After the broth cools, it will look like gelatin. Pour the contents of the pot through a strainer or sieve to remove the pieces from the broth. Vitamin C intake can be increased with supplementation and the use of natural skincare products. Dehydration can also lead to a drop in levels of vitamin C since it is a water-soluble nutrient. Place all the bones, ligaments and non-meat pieces left over from your meal in a large pot. Rock climber, nature lover, scout dad, and owner of Moja Gear. However, studies show that fish derived-collagen peptide and ornithine (CPO) can provide a significant boost to skin health. Read our Disclosure and Privacy Policies. At its worst, most haters seem to think collagen supplements are a waste of money and that you can get enough collagen by eating the right foods. Even better, steam your face mask with a face steam at home. To finish, apply a moisturizer such as a glow serum or face cream. I'm here to guide you on your path to simple living. For stubborn areas use a gentle face toner to remove. No matter what method you choose to Maintain Healthy Collagen Levels it’s a very important ingredient for skincare. I notice a difference with just one mask a week. Here’s how to use collagen powder in a DIY collagen face mask. Peptides and growth factors can provide a significant boost to collagen levels and may be ingested or applied in topical treatments. Similarly, the topical application of cosmetics containing growth factors and peptides has been found to stimulate fibroblasts and stem cells, encouraging cellular regeneration and collagen production. The easiest way to add collagen is to take a collagen supplement. The most common sources of collagen used to make commercial supplements come from cows, chickens, pigs and fish. Vitamin A or retinol is another nutrient that is vital for skin health and collagen production. After a chicken or turkey dinner, remove the meat from the bones that you want to eat later. Collagen is perhaps the best-known skin and hair care ingredient and with good cause. Life-n-Reflection live a naturally inspired life. You’re going to love the results! That’s not surprising, as hydration is important for the production of collagen in your body. Using a small spoon or face mask spatula to blend the ingredients together until a creamy mask forms. It is the skin health benefits of collagen that most of us are concerned with, right? According to a study in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology oral supplementation with aloe sterols may double hyaluronic acid and collagen production, promoting skin cell growth and reducing wrinkles. Aloe is one of the most popular natural ingredients in skincare products. Next, using clean hands or a beauty spatula apply the homemade collagen face mask in a thin layer to the skin, avoiding the eye area. The recommendation to drink more water is something that you will come across in any skin care guide. This is supported by research, which found that treatment with 0.1 percent retinol can increase procollagen levels and reduce wrinkle formation within 3 months.

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