Veterinarians, or vets” for short, are doctors for pets, zoo animals, horses, livestock and other animals. Here's the point: If you really can't trust your current vet, find a new vet. Fischer: We know much more because we are only now able to examine many dimensions of brain functioning in thriving human beings. They are acting as agents of the vets and they are there to help you. It may also be referred to as Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder, or STSD. When you have questions or concerns about your pet's health, your first thought is to contact your trusted veterinarian to discuss it. After receiving their veterinary medicine license, vets can choose to complete intensive training in a veterinary specialty, such as oncology, radiology, animal dentistry, dermatology, cardiology, preventative animal medicine, internal medicine, exotic small animal medicine and surgery. I graduated in 1992 from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Veterinary Medicine. It's extremely difficult to get into vet school, and the program is very challenging. Like physicians, vets care for their sick and injured patients. These pets need frequent medications, special diets, and personalized care. However, it's important to remember that these people are speaking from their own experiences, and not necessarily from a place of formal education and well-rounded experience. Vets who work in clinical research use their knowledge of animals and apply it … Veterinarians who work for the federal government should expect to make more … After all, if you set an appointment and were paying for that time, you would want the vet to be fully engaged and available to you during the whole appointment. Some cry at the loss of patients; some get frustrated when they cannot help a patient or client; some get angry when things don't go well; some bury the emotions and develop issues later on. (This kind of thing happens all the time.). Veterinarians may also perform surgery and prescribe medications to animals that require it. Vets need to be highly intuitive and objective. Medicine is not an exact science. Tell your vet if you don't understand something so she can better explain it. Everything they do is for the well-being of you and your pet. Veterinarians who work for the federal government should expect to make more than the median. About 77 percent of American veterinarians are in private practices, where they care for dogs, cats, and other animals commonly kept as pets, such as rabbits, ferrets and birds. The bottom line: You are paying for a professional, just like you would pay a lawyer or physician. Why not discuss your concerns with the veterinary technician first? The other 20 percent worked in research labs, for the government, in a private industry, or at a college or university. Make your expectations clear. Don't turn to potentially unreliable sources, take bad advice, then go back to your vet to "fix it." Symptoms are similar to those of PTSD and can seriously impact a person's emotional and physical well-being. They stroke the soft muzzles of dying animals and cradle them in loving arms as they pass on. Veterinarians who work in private, solo practices often work longer hours, including on the weekends. Every support staff member has been trained to act according to the veterinarian's preferences. The highest-earning vets grossed over $143,000 annually. 7 328. Her articles have appeared in "Nashville City Paper," "Nashville Parent magazine" and numerous online publications. Vets and their staff members also take home pets that have been abandoned, sometimes overstretching their own means. However, there's only so much the vet can do when you have a very sick pet and only enough money to cover the exam. If they were all about money, they would have become human doctors or dentists. Your vet wants you to reach out for help. websites that offer reliable, factual veterinary information, Veterinary Technicians and Occupational Burnout. Working in veterinary medicine can be truly rewarding. If you have time constraints or financial restrictions, your vet will do our best to work with you. Owning a dog is going to cost you money. At the end of the day, what vets and their teams really want is for your pet to be healthy and for you to be happy. 2020, doi:10.3389/fvets.2020.00328. The truth is, you're probably paying less than those services are truly worth. Studies support the theory that dogs do feel the warm-and-fuzzies for their humans -- even more so than for their animal friends. After college, future vets must attend veterinary college for an additional four years. Money can be a touchy subject, especially when it's associated with the emotional bond we share with our pets. Sometimes your vet cannot help a pet except to offer a painless end to suffering. Even Darwin struggled to explain why we would evolve a response that puts us at a social disadvantage by letting others know that we have cheated or lied 2. 12 Jun. In addition, vets are responsible for the animal’s preventative care, like giving checkups and administering vaccinations. Annual, the U.S. government employs about 1,300 civilian veterinarians. Oli Scarff / Getty Images News / Getty Images. They also face the risk of being injured, bitten, kicked and scratched by frightened or aggressive animals. Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/DigitalVision/GettyImages. Even not-for-profit vet facilities need to cover their expenses and have a certain amount of money left over to keep the practice going. Vets are not in it just for the money. Whether it's clients running late for appointments (that gets the whole day off-schedule) or the loss of a beloved patient, working in this field can take a toll. If something happens that makes you unhappy, please let the vet or staff know right away so they can try to fix it. Vets who work in clinical research use their knowledge of animals and apply it to human problems. « on: 16/08/2012 16:03:55 » If the observable and the unobservable universe is an elephant (African or Asian - let's not quibble about minutae), and particle physics is the insides of the elephant (you know, its organs and blood system, etc.

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