His miraculous birth, occurring just six months ahead of Jesus', took place in the late February to early March time frame (at the same period of God's Feast Days known as Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread) in 5 B.C. John’s Gospel allows for gaps...in between the events recorded. John the Baptist was set apart, for life, to be a Nazarite even before his conception (Luke 1:15). John the Baptist’s life lessons are so relevant for our Christian life today. Long after the death of Jesus, Priscilla and Aquila met a Jew named Apollos who was a disciple of John the Baptist and came from Alexandria, and soon after Paul encountered a band of twelve of John’s disciples at Ephesus. Here I’ve listed eight of what I believe is the most significant of those life lessons that we can learn from his ministry, as the last prophet to prepare the way for Jesus. His message is well-received by the Jews in Palestine, and crowds According to Matthew’s account, “Then Jerusalem was going out to him, and all Judea and all the district around the Jordan; and they were being baptized by him in the Jordan River, as they confessed their sins” ( Luke 3:5–6 ). John’s message of moral reform, symbolized by baptism, was This made John the Baptist of priestly descent. He was preaching to everyone that they should repent and turn from wickedness and prepare themselves for John lived in the wilderness (a vast desert area), where, not long before Jesus began His ministry, he was called of God to preach a message of repentance (Mark 1:4). A:We can not be sure when John the Baptist began his ministry, but the gospels say that he was baptising and preaching before Jesus began his ministry in 29 CE. Today’s passage depicts John the Baptist’s ministry in the “wilderness of Judea” (v. 1), a region covering the Jordan valley just north and west of the Dead Sea. He then immediately spent 40 days in the wilderness where He was John the Baptist was born about 5 BC, and now about 26 A.D. about the age of 30 he appears in the wilderness of Judea. To summarize the events, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist as described in Mark 1:9–11. Though he ministered out in the wilderness, John’s preaching had a dramatic impact in the cities of Israel.

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