Healthy bakery-style cranberry orange muffins that are dairy-free, vegan, and so much healthier. Mine have a lovely sugar crumb topping that turn them from an ordinary muffin into a brunch celebration! Healthy Cranberry Orange Muffins. The perfect healthier breakfast muffin. Today’s recipe takes that winning orange/honey combo a step further with the welcome addition of cranberry. Recipe origins. Well, you know by now how much I love my Robin Hood collection of recipes (I’ve already shared this recipe for Healthy Blueberry Oat Muffins, this recipe for Moist and Easy Banana Muffins, and of course one of my absolute favorites: Date Bran Muffins).And today, I just had to share this orange date muffin recipe before the end of the citrus season. The pop of fresh orange zest and honey baked together taste like sunshine on a winter day, as these poppyseed Orange Muffins prove. I anxiously await cranberry season each fall because I adore fresh cranberries in baking! Classic cranberry orange muffins made dairy-free, vegan and high in fiber.

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