Dialogue : Congratulations on your exam results! Many students want to understand every single word of the conversation, and We are less rich than the others. Faut pas le dire. J’ai trois ans de moins que toi. Notes on French grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and language in general. nous avons des livres intéressants Elle a 15 ans. Simple French lesson on how to order a coffee in a typical French brasserie. L’avantage c’est que toutes les charges sont comprises. Je suis plus jeune que toi. If infinitive + e (eg. Mme: Ah.., quelle est la différence entre les deux, s’il-vous-plaît ? B: Très bien. – Ah, oui ! Easy-to-use sentences for French learners. prendre, vivre)): no “e” : Distinctive feature of the French Simple Future Tense : This can be quite daunting for the beginning learners of French. Mme: Moi, je prendrai un café court s’il-vous-plaît. You shouldn't say it. Je voudrais quelque chose de disponible tout de suite. French DialoguesDialogues in French and English for French learners  Welcome! The exercises are not only meant to check the understanding of the dialogue but also make the learners do the effort of trying to find the answer by themselves. Imagine you are on a trip to Paris. de moins que Naturellement. – Oui, ça fait 10 ans de différence entre vous deux. nous sommes désolés C’est exact. The bigger the effort, the better the results. – Bonjour, je cherche une chambre à louer. Dialogue : Nothing is worth more than nepotism! Je suis plus âgé qu’elle. I also offer an extended version of this blog post, (90 Common French Phrases) saved as a PDF that you can print for daily use. Je reviendrai dans 10 minutes. - Dialogue : A new teacher - Dialogue : A visitor from abroad - Dialogue : after a visit at the dentist's. S: Un café allongé est tout simplement un café court avec deux fois plus d’eau. Excusez-moi, je suis perdu. You have been walking for 2 hours and now you want to make a break. M: Et qu’est-ce qu’un café allongé ? avoir ( to have ) She is the oldest. Dialogue : after a visit at the dentist's. What line numbers of Paris Metro are they talking about in the dialogue? – Et quel âge a ta sœur ? J’ai un studio meublé à deux pas de notre agence. In fact, if you print this page and re-read (out loud) it every now and then, they’ll get stuck in your brain for good. Introducing yourself. Updated April 23, 2018 The best way to learn a language is by speaking it. A tout à l’heure. Check out the six best places online to find French dialogue examples and start dialoguing like a pro in no time! ils ont deux enfants You will learn more about the conjugation and the use of the French Present Simple Tense ( Le présent de l’indicatif ), as well as the French comparatives and superlatives. tu es vieux + suffixes: –ai –as –a –ons –ez –ont. – J’ai 25 ans. 25 is the best age ! – Très bien. tu as une jolie voiture Auriez-vous quelque chose à me proposer ? A: Oui, ça parait compliqué mais ça ne l’est pas. D. être le plus … (the most … ) Welcome! She is the oldest. – Alors, tu as 22 ans. Eg. Quand je serai grand, je ferai le tour du monde. Pourriez-vous me montrer sur la carte où je suis? Allons acheter les billets de métro. This page includes vocabulary lists for beginners, intermediates as well as advanced learners. You will also find some challenging exercises to be fully prepared for your stay in Paris. Speak French Fluently has a fair collection of dialogues from authentic French sources with full French transcripts. Dialogues in French and English for French learners . I’m the youngest. Don't forget to do the vocabulary exercises ! Dialogue : What will you have for breakfast? French Dialogues. vous avez votre passeport Write a dialogue in which: Learn how to tell your age in French, ask and compare your age with others and speak about other members of your family. French Dialogue Practice: Greetings and Introductions Read this dialogue with a partner to practice your pronunciation. ThoughtCo French. French Conversation Cards: Winter and Christmas (Noel et Hiver) 0,00 € 100 Useful Beginner French Sentences and Expressions Drills 4,99 € 100 Useful Beginner French Sentences and Expressions FREE PDF 0,00 € French "R" Sound Exercises mp3 1,00 € French Pronunciation: Master the French R Sound 1,99 € Amazon Products that I like j’ai un ami Dialogue : Making an appointment by phone. When you buy tickets, it is really straightforward. Try practicing this dialogue with a … Et toi? I am 3 years younger than you. S: Un café serré ou allongé ? Here you will find some free French vocabulary lists in PDF: you can use it to teach yourself french, for your exams, you can also share the lessons with your friends, colleagues or students…(just dont copy my work on another website, thanks !) My name is Shannon Kennedy and I'm the language lover, traveler, and foodie behind Eurolinguiste. Beaucoup de personnes agées vivent seules. – Oui, s’il-vous-plaît. Pronunciation & Conversation Vocabulary Grammar Resources For Teachers By. Dialogue : In order to be an au-pair girl. je suis français. – Je voudrais un studio près du centre de la ville ou avec des transports en commun à proximité. The aim of the first dialogue is to give useful phrases of everyday French in the context of the Paris metro situation. If you travel to Paris, the chances are that you will take the metro. You can also listen to the audio in MP3 format which is included in the French Learning Package. Quel âge as-tu ? They can be tricky to pronounce ! And you get to speak MORE French because these lessons teach you words and phrases for the common conversation topics like Weather, Hobbies, Love, Work, Family, and much more. ThoughtCo. coffe-break-at-the-corner-café-montmartre-Paris-2012-H4g2-flickr. 25 ans c’est le meilleur âge ! Geography, history, politics, literature... Do not copy or translate - site protected by an international copyright. J'sais pas. Enjoy your lesson ! That’s why the two words “que” and “elle” become one word in a way. The content of this lesson corresponds to A2 CEFR level of French. Learn French words and phrases just by quickly reading and reviewing the PDF lessons. If you want to introduce yourself in French, then this French conversation is for … In the Dialogue 2 you will learn how to buy a metro ticket. Tu es fou. Bien sûr que non ! Home / Uncategorized / french dialogues with english translation pdf While there are no comprehension activities, there’s enough advanced French gold to make your newly-acquired vocabulary shine! 25 is the best age ! Dialogue : An informal conversation between 2 friends, Dialogue : BD : Pronoms personnels sujets. Become a Conversation Master with These 7 French Dialogue Examples. The bigger the effort, the better the results. Fortunately, there is a remedy exercise on Simple-French to help you tame the pronunciation of the French “R” sound. – Vous pourriez préciser ce que cela signifie ? Sign in Moi, j’ai 3 ans de moins que toi. A: Alors, on est ici, à la station Montparnasse Bienvenüe et on doit aller dans les grands magasins, aux Galeries Lafayette. J’ai trois ans de moins que toi. The site covers several intermediate/advanced aspects of spoken French, such as a lawyer questioning a witness and two people discussing job interviews . On l’appelle également un “café court”. Un café allongé pour moi s’il-vous-plaît. It is one of the cheapest (the cheapest one being walking) and definitely the fastest mean of transport. Je suis le plus jeune. Grammar Pourriez-vous m’aider, s’il-vous-plaît ? Share Flipboard Email Print Ann Cutting / Getty Images French. il / elle / on a plein d’amis Simple Future Conjugation (La conjugaison au Futur simple). Dialogue : One night in anglaisfacile chatroom, Dialogue : Talking about the age and birthday. Learn French > Lessons and exercises > Dialogues in French and in English If it’s a new word, look in the translation, and then make a flash-card about it. You can either look them up on simple-french website or on the Internent. Conjugation of Futur Simple with examples: Je prendrai du sucre avec mon café s’il-vous-plaît. Then work on memorizing it. I’m the youngest. You will also learn the two most popular types of coffee ordered in France: un expresso and un café allongé. – Tu veux dire que je suis vieux ? – Est-ce que vous souhaitez un appartement meublé ? We are less rich than the others. ThoughtCo is an online resource for all things educational, with a comprehensive section for learning French. I don't know. – Très bien Madame. 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