Get Essay About the author. individuals who reached the sixth stage of faith development, as only a small number of people do. It has been widely used within various contexts including pastoral care, counseling, practical theology, and in spiritual direction. STAGE 5: Conjunctive Faith According to Fowler , people who make it through the previous stages generally arrive at Stage 5 sometime around 35 or 40 years old (midlife crisis). 1. This sample paper is done by Joseph, whose major is Psychology at Arizona State University. Fowler was influenced by the work of Swiss psychologist Jean… Thus, his book is a theory of faith based on the structural-development perspective that defines the growth of faith in humans along certain highly formal stages. Get Your Custom Essay on James Fowler Stages Of Faith Just from $13,9/Page. Here, one looks more deeply at the James Fowler – Stages of Faith Development Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development Level Approx. Fowler’s Stages of Faith. Literature Review The literature surrounding Fowler’s faith development theory include, but are not limited to, works by Lownsdale (1997), Love (2002), Parker (2011), Stanard and Painter (2004), who focus on the implications of Fowler’s faith Introduction:- When Fowler began writing in 1981, the concept of 'faith development’ was a relatively new concept to the study of psychology of religion, but Fowler was able to draw on a rich tradition of Christian Judaic thought and psychological developmental theory . The spiritual crisis that began in Stage 4 has now prompted deeper questioning, which results in a growing awareness of the mystical self. Stages of Faith Introduction James Fowler states in Stages of Faith that central among the qualities that make and keep humans human is our capacity for trust and fidelity (292). James Fowler (d. 2015), a late theological scholar and former Professor at Emory University, proposed the most cited stage-model theory taking into account faith and faith development. Father Chacour's faith journey in Blood Brothers will be used to illustrate the six stages of Fowler's faith development. According to Fowler, stage one Intuitive-Projective faith, is a "fantasy-filled, imitative phase- (342) in which the child is influenced by the examples, moods, actions, and stories of their relatives' faith.

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