Each vertex of the rhombus is a midpoint of a side of the rectangle. Goal: 6L 7E Available tools: Move Point Line Circle Perpendicular Bisector Intersect Pack: Alpha Previous level: 1.6 Next level: 2.1 Let O be the center of the circle and A the vertex. Express the area of the rhombus as a function of the rectangles width" The answer being A(w) = 10w - (w^2)/2. Instruction: Construct a rhombus with the given side and an angle of 45° in a vertex. Instruction: Inscribe a square in the circle. Points are not taken into account. https://www.euclidea.xyz/en/game/packs/Alpha/level/RhombusInRect Euclidea is all about building geometric constructions using straightedge and compass. Goal: 5L 7E Available tools: Move Point Line Circle Perpendicular Bisector Perpendicular Angle Bisector Intersect Pack: Gamma Previous level: 3.7 Next level: 3.9 1 5L solution 2 7E solution 3 4V solution 4 Explanation Given the side AB. Instruction: Construct a line through the given point that cuts the rectangle into two parts of equal area. Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started! "A rhombus is inscribed in a rectangle that is w meters wide with a perimeter of 40m. We're a collaborative community website about Euclidea that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Each solution is scored in two types of moves: L (straight or curved lines) and E (elementary Euclidean constructions). About doing it the fun way. Goal: 38 stars Next pack: Alpha Next pack: Gamma 2.1 Angle Bisector Tutorial: Angle Bisector 2.2 Intersection of Angle Bisectors 2.3 Angle of 30° 2.4 Double Angle 2.5 Cut Rectangle 2.6 Drop a Perpendicular 2.7 Erect a Perpendicular Tutorial: Perpendicular 2.8 Tangent to Circle at Point 2.9 Circle Tangent to Line 2.10 Circle in Rhombus Add a photo to this gallery With Euclidea you don’t need to think about cleanness or accuracy of your drawing — Euclidea will do it for you. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. One vertex of the square is given.

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