Games Eternal Darkness. This Gladius… By: LabyrinthDweller. Raised by Grandparents: After her parents died, Edward raised her. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a psychological horror action adventure video game released for the Nintendo GameCube. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a title for the Nintendo Game Cube (yes, THAT Nintendo) released in 2002, developed by Silicon Knights (but published, and owned, by Nintendo themselves!). Put the ruby effigy under the blue wizard. Games Eternal Darkness. By: LabyrinthDweller. The trapper does suck, in a sense it can be a run killer just because using the ranged doesn't always target it immediately. Alex Roivas unwraps the package that reveals the ultimate weapon in defeating the Darkness, the enchanted gladius. ; Throwing Your Sword Always Works: If it is an enchanted gladius anyway. Pick up the Gladius and complete the level as usual. Eternal Darkness is a 2002 GameCube game featuring an epically dark story that takes place over thousands of years. If you have the Enchanted Gladius, equip it, target Pious, and simply press A to throw it at him. For her idle animations, she looks behind her as if expecting that something might attack, or she examines the Enchanted Gladius to make sure it’s not damaged or chipped.-----Alexandra is going to use the weapons that are available to her in Eternal Darkness – the Enchanted Gladius, the revolver, the Winchester shotgun, and the pickaxe. Enchanted Gladuis isn't worth it, just because you have to go out of your way to get all 3 pieces and place them on in a room you don't need to be in. Alex Roivas unwraps the package that reveals the ultimate weapon in defeating the Darkness, the enchanted gladius. Done correctly, Mike will open the secret chamber where the Enchanted Gladius is; done incorrectly, a Horror will be dropped into the room as a surprise. When it comes time for Alex to receive the essence of whatever guardian that Mike received in his level, the Enchanted Gladius will also be in the box. Go down the stairs and you will enter a room with an Enchanted Gladius. The game's genre is classified as psychological horror, and it's influenced by and gives many nods to the works of H.P. Follow/Fav Gladius of the Damned. Follow/Fav Gladius of the Damned. Next Step: Get the Essence and the Tome of Eternal Darkness ... After collecting the Enchanted Gladius (*optional) and the C4 Plastic Explosives, return … ; Secret Legacy: There's quite a bit she doesn't know about her family before the game. This makes perfect sense - Edward's death was instrumental in bringing Alex, the only person able to wield the enchanted Gladius and ultimately stop Pious, to investigate the mansion and learn the truth about the Eternal Darkness. Developed by Silicon Knights and originally planned for the Nintendo 64, it was first released and published by Nintendo on June 24, 2002 in North America, October 25, 2002 in Japan and November 1, 2002 in Europe. ; Tank-Top Tomboy: Wears a low-cut tanktop, and has very few feminine traits.

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