ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATES THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURE A9 Nursing Skill STUDENT NAME _____ ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATE: Description of Skill Indications Outcomes/Evaluation CONSIDERATIONS Nursing Interventions (pre, intra, post) Potential Complications Nursing Interventions Josh Lourdon - Performing Ear Irriga5on - ch 45 ear irriga5on is a rou5ne procedure used to remove excess earwax or … There are three types of interventions for cerumen impaction: irrigation, manual removal, and topical preparations . Earwax is produced by sebaceous glands in the outer third of the ear canal, the purpose of this natural wax is to protect the ear from damage and infections. Learn more about how to do it and its safety here. ALEXANDRIA, VA— An updated clinical practice guideline from the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Foundation published today in Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery provides evidence-based recommendations on diagnosis and treatment of earwax (cerumen impaction) as well as important patient information on the dos and don’ts of earwax and healthy ear care. A. When giving medications, a nurse follows the five R’s of medication administration. Ear irrigation is a method of removing a buildup of earwax. Irrigation of the ear canal is contraindicated with perforation of the tympanic membrane because the solution entering the inner ear may cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and infection. Normally, a small amount of wax accumulates, then dries up and falls out of the ear canal, carrying with it … Welcome to the Ear Care: Assessment and Irrigation resource developed by the Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network. This will make the removal of earwax harder and can put extra pressure on the eardrum which might cause perforation. During the procedure of ear irrigation, there is a bit of chance that the wax inside of ear may get pressed deeper into the ear canal and make the condition even worse. Doctors sometimes perform this procedure, but people can also try it at home. This multi-professional resource aims to establish standardised training approach for the examination, assessment and use of ear irrigators for nursing, medical and relevant allied health care professions. Ear care and ear irrigation training course Our ear irrigation training course covers the safe use of ear irrigation equipment and many other aspects of general ear care, giving healthcare workers and registered nurses all the skills and knowledge required to support patient and service-users’ ear health. Earwax Care Plan.

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