CA Superman doesn't have no limits; his limit is when the idea of Superman's heroism breaks down. I’ll get straight to the point, Superman would still beat Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. If you wish for me to go into detail on the feats, abilities and etc. Goku (Ultra Instinct) vs Cosmic Armor Superman. Depending on the ve Press J to jump to the feed. THE WAYLANDERS: Unique, Party-based Experience That Time Travels Between Two Distinct Eras: Celtic and Medieval. Unless we assume each DC universe on average holds only 200 million stars (the real life Milky Way alone has about 100 billion), Mandrakk probably doesn't mean it literally. It’s just who he is. Project EVE ‘Battle Report’ Prototype Gameplay Is Very Impressive! Trunks caught it like it was a volley ball. He's a philosophical construct meant to invoke a conversation or serve as a plot device, as opposed to an identifiable character with weaknesses and strengths. In that same weakened state Mandrakk one shot a Fuginaut, admittedly they're pretty featless as of now, but Fuginauts fill a similar role to the monitors, and can mend tears in space time and preserve the boundaries between universes. Newest Battles with ... the more obvious it is who'll win in a fight. The more complex the target the more difficult it is to adapt to. Personally I think the incomplete UI Goku could take down Superman. 5.Super saiyan 2 goku vs superman-either goku wins or tie. We don't know by how much he grew in power every time, but still he made at least one very large jump in power with ease, I don't see why he wouldn't be able to replicate it to defeat Goku. You Already Know The Answer! Goku has nothing remotely close to him. Akudama Drive: An Over The Top Stylistic Cyberpunk Themed Anime First Impression! Ive seen LOWBALL calcs at 3,200,000x universal, Thought robot superman is an example of a character that shouldn't really be used in character battles. 6.Super saiyan 3 goku vs superman-goku wins hand down. Team Thor vs Team Superman. You are indeed where you belong. It's more fun. The strongest character in all of Marvel takes on one of the stronger guys from DC. Newest Battles with Cosmic Armor Superman ... the more obvious it is who'll win in a fight. Can A Non-Black Person Create A Character Using Afro-centric Features? I know right now you’re probably filled with rage from me even uttering such blasphemous words if you’re on Goku’s side but the reality is that Superman can’t lose. His best feat(s) is taking hits from Mandrakk after Mandrakk has grown strong enough to one shot monitors, who's shields can no sell universal attacks. Hmmm weird, there was some user who had the same name as you who claimed this: I must have missed the feat where Goku busted 220,000 Universes at once, i must have also missed the feat where he busted even just a single Universe to be frank? He has been wandering around the universe for a while and he has greater control of his immense energy. Are Major Game Reviewers Reviewing Games More Biasedly When A Black Protagonist Is Involved? The other versions however either get completely destroyed due to lacking sufficient feats, the ones who are comparable to Mastered ultra instinct Goku however still get outclassed in stats and abilities, thus giving Goku the win. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Death Seed Sentry vs Cosmic Armor Superman. If the ability to casually destroy universes was really a threat to Cosmic Armor Superman, he would have been activated when Monarch was running around. Furthermore, the blast that killed Zillo Valla (which was universal) did no damage to the surrounding environment, whereas later on Superman and Mandrakk's fight was devastating the environment. His best feat is surviving, but being hurt by, the heat of ten billion suns. For a deep dive into Grant Morrison's strange obsession with dimensionality, this is a really good youtube video about it. He can't overcome a living/self assembling hyper story, that is made explicitly clear, its why he dies in the end, he can't adapt to beat it. Goku with his all superpowers can’t capable enough to beat Superman. Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) vs Cosmic Armor Superman. Animated By MAPPA! But If I were to follow the ridiculous comic book power levels which is impossible to translate to a movie or animated show, then that will be the end of all DC movies as how utterly ridiculous it will look. I Have To Say…Yeah Sadly! Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Superman outclasses Jiren tenfold over. If Flash gets speedforce in neutral universes, even if it's not an explicit property of the universe, then CA Superman gets "plotforce" (which is different from Saitama-type plotforce. He is as strong as he needs to be because he is Superman and he is made to always win. He’s all about hope and doing anything. Everything from PlayStation, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, and the mighty PC gaming! It is never really stated how fast either Goku or Superman. CGR is vastly powerful, as befits a being who is both Ghost Rider and imbued with the Power Cosmic, and his precarious mental state makes him a very dangerous opponent. Cosmic Armor Superman makes the jump from infinitesimally less than universal to universal pretty quickly, I don't see why that same effect wouldn't be able to happen up to defeat Goku, especially because CAS grew in power many more times after that initial jump. [Bloodmatch] Cosmic Armor Superman vs SSJG Goku I've seen the threads where Superman fights Goku, and most of them Goku increases power level as Superman remains constant. Superman’s feats are impossible. Xeno Goku vs Cosmic Armor Superman # Cosmic Armor Superman Obviously you don't know how powerful Thought Robot is. A baby Goku rocketed to earth come on now. If I was to compare the animation shows of both, I would say Goku is the stronger one. I think when they make the Goku Vs Superman movie in the year 2052, (after Disney has bought both DC and Dragon Ball franchises to add them into phase 12 of the Marvelverse) Squirrelgirl will team up with Saitama to defeat both of them with one nut. This comment that Verlux signs off on clarifies that there is a distinction between out-of-universe and in-universe power sets. Whereas philosophically he does not. He barely has any feats and dies in his only fight. Out of respect to the original superhero. If Silver Surfer can beat Doomsday, then Cosmic Ghost Rider, with the added power of the Spirit Of Vengeance, would be able to as well. I would suppose the Prime One Million should win based on what it's supposed to be, I guess. CA Superman's ability to adapt has clearly defined limits. DC comics over hype superman powers, saying his quintillion times faster then the speed of light. If you are having trouble logging in, try your previous display name or email address. Superman has gotten thrown off by a super nova.

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