e) Combination Store.f) Variety Store. psychographic characteristics and store format choice are rather limited and under studied despite the fact of the discovery that individual characteristics of consumers influenc e their shopping behavior. What is an Unorganized Retail sector? The size of each unit can be small so that a chain of convenience stores is modern retail. Domingo & Hui/Effects of Retail Format Characteristics on E-Loyalty 2003 — Ninth Americas Conference on Information Systems 141 We have selected the following retail format variables for investigation: convenience, product selection (or selection), promptness of service (or promptness) and aesthetic attractiveness of the retailer web site (or aesthetics), as retail formats are often compared Each business model has its own list of pros and cons. Types of Organized Retail Formats: The Retail Industry in India has shown an upward trend in different formats of retailing. d) Food Based Superstore.e) Off Price Retailer. Two key-phrases in this definition that separate retail from wholesale are – Small quantities of goods: Unlike manufacturing or wholesale, the number of goods involved in a retail transaction is very less. f) Super Centers Andg) Flea Market. Classifications of Retailing Formats The retailing formats can be classified into following types as shown in the diagram: Ownership Based Retailing Let us see these retailers in detail in Retailing Formats: • Independent Retailers: They own and run a single shop, and determine their policies independently. Despite its importance and its contribution toward better understanding of consumer purchasing behavior, there is still lack of research in this area especially in the retail sector. Retail is the final channel of distribution where small quantities of goods (or services) are sold directly to the consumer for their own use. This sector is not registered with the government, and terms of employment are not regular and fixed in this sector. The retailers are venturing into a number of formats as Indian retail transits through the experimental phase. Retail formats 1. Choosing a type of retail business to start will depend on why you want to own a business, as well as your lifestyle, family, personality and what you're selling. Since most of the formats are new to the consumers, retailers will have to choose models that are customised to Indian taste and habits. b) Convenience Store.c) Full Line Discount. Organized retail or modern retail is usually chain stores, all owned or franchised by a central entity, or a single store that is larger than some cut-off point. The relative uniformity and standardization of retailing is the key attribute of modern retail. Store Retailing by Store based Strategy General Merchandise. RETAIL FORMATS Prepared By, Sagar Gadekar 2. Many forms of retail business ownership are available to budding entrepreneurs. This lesson identifies and describes the primary formats of retail stores. Employees of this sector have to work for a fixed number of hours a day on a fixed salary and increment on salary is given to them after fixed intervals. Also Read 12 Types of Retail Formats - Formats of Retailing. c) Conventional Supermarket.d) Specialty Stores. Food Retailers.b) Departmental stores.

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