Here are the 17 great challenges for us and for our children: (1) Saving the Earth– A change in humans' capability to manage the Earth well is coming in micro-instruments that feed voluminous data to computer networks. Little wonder we have graduates who cannot write a correct letter. How many of our secondary school leavers and graduates from tertiary institutions including Christians who celebrate with their parents that they “made all their papers” can sincerely say that they were not involved in examination malpractice? It is therefore supremely pertinent for us as youths to understand these challenges and then take heed to the way out in order to secure our destinies and the future of the Church of God. Sweeping proportion of immorality on humanity especially youths! The TV, home videos, and music have strong pulling effect on the youths. Its effect on the spiritual life of the Christian youths is far reaching. Let us pray for our youth … viii. Obviously – different times, different conditions, different youth. Dr. Paul Haidostian added that information is very much available today and everywhere. Most of them stay for years without jobs. Some youths use these media to pass immoral and worthless messages to gullible fellow youths and lure them into vices such as boy friend/girl friend relationships without the knowledge of their parents. vii. These are charged with erotic audio and videos materials which pollute the minds and lives of the youths. Use your youthful energy to passionately seek God (Ps.105:4). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Post Christian. Personal discipline separation from sin (1Cor.9: 24-26; Job31:1; Isa.33:14-15; Ps.101:3). The Christian youths, rather than being affected negatively by the challenges of the 21st century should be steadfast in the Lord and use the possibilities of internet & social media as an easy and cheap means of evangelism. ix. They have learnt Christian language but lack genuine conversion, passion for God and godliness. Thanx! He talked about the different obstacles that the youth face in this century, specially with the changing of the world and the many different decisions that a young person has to make. Anybody who knows the answer will you kindly respond? And certainly, thanks in your effort!|, Great article! Live in doubt and deceit, without being able to discern as to what is right and what is wrong. Chatting through SMS or any of the social media such as whatsapp, Facebook, etc: These are fast and cheap electronic means of communication. Also even professing Christian children in primary schools are getting involved in sexual immorality. x. Is there anyone else getting identical RSS problems? Unguided Christian youths stumble and fall at this pitfall. Globalization, overpopulation, abortion, gay rights, poverty, disease, war and terrorism, global warming, power in … He also said that the moral convictions have been shaken, because to some extent science was able to give answers to some of the behaviors. The 21st century is characterized by both positive and negative tremendous changes. Be business minded. ... and revived in the present times by the Muslim youth themselves. Manufacturing. Negative Peer Influence and Gangster(ism): This is major channel through which the floods of evils of the last days are sweeping the youths in its current. Tweet on Twitter. That is the type of information that are meant to be shared around the net. Drug abuse, Smoking and Alcoholism:  No generation has been involved in drug abuse and alcoholism as it is in this 21st century. I am neither a prophet nor the son of one. Escape from the issues and surrender to drugs and opium. Problems of the Young at the Beginning of the 21st Century Problems which the young are facing today are very different from the problems that were pressing down the young of the past. However, the issues facing youths in the 21st Century are far much different from issues of youths in the yester centuries. Plastic pollution in the oceans. The pastor pointed out 4 different reactions and the stand that the youth take: Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. 13:20). Youths are easily carried away by this error. Very good write-up. Biblically Illiterate… Rape has become the other of the day.

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