Topped with whipped cream, Cherry, sprinkles, fudge or oreo crumble. Served with tomatoes, black olives, cucumbers, mixed greens and your choice of dressing. All natural thinly sliced lean pastrami served on a French roll or grilled cheese sourdough bread with yellow mustard and pickles. A delightful blend of scrambled eggs, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, and scallions. Grilled salmon, 1000 Island dressing and sauerkraut on grilled rye bread. Dolphin safe albacore tuna, lettuce and tomatoes on your choice of toast. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Mixed greens tossed with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, celery, onions, cucumbers, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette.Sprinkled with low fat mozzarella and feta cheese. Deli sliced smoked ham and melted American cheese piled high on grilled garlic cheese sourdough bread. Grilled cheese sandwich served with choice of side. Calamari, shrimp, salmon, tomatoes and fresh basil tossed in a garlic wine sauce. Welcome to California Grill! Blackened chicken with lettuce, tomatoes and Cheddar cheese on flour tortillas. Fresh calamari, lightly breaded, spiced and fried to a golden brown, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and basil. Topped with feta cheese and fresh cilantro. Roma tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, garlic and crumbled feta cheese, Penne pasta, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, mushrooms and Kalamata olives served in tomato basil sauce. Topped with our honey sesame dressing. Denver Omelette. Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and rosemary aioli served on grilled garlic cheese sourdough bread. Slow cooked sliced Tri-Tip served with a mushroom gravy. Grilled cheese sandwich served with choice of side. Choice of ham, turkey, BLT, roast beef, veggie or tuna. Sprinkled with feta cheese. Large flour tortilla stuffed with jack and cheddar cheeses, scallions, tomatoes and olives. Golden breaded chicken tenders served with choice of side. Toast or Muffin options: Deep fried chicken tenders tossed in BBQ sauce on a bed of romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, corn, cilantro, black beans, green onions, shredded cheddar cheese and crisp tortilla strips with your choice of dressing. Acai, Vanilla Yogurt, Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries, shaved Coconut, Honey Granola top with drizzle honey. Deli sliced pot roast, melted Swiss cheese and ortega chile on grilled garlic cheese sourdough bread. Served with your choice of two eggs and bacon or sausage. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and rosemary aioli on a whole wheat bun. Roasted red potatoes served on a bed of sautéed garlic spinach and tomatoes. Deli sliced pot roast with melted Swiss cheese on a French roll or grilled garlic cheese sourdough bread, Au jus on the side. Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Sierra Mist | Dr. Pepper | Pink Lemonade | Root Beer | Mountain Dew | Orange Crush, Black Regular | Black Mango | Wildberry Hibiscus, Organic Breakfast | Organic Earl Grey | Organic Hojicha Green Tea | Chamomile Citrus | Organic Mint Melange | Ginger Twist, Strawberry Puree, Mango mixed with Orange Juice. Sprinkled with feta cheese. Salmon Filet. Served on a white or wheat bun with 1000 Island spread. Salmon on a bed of romaine lettuce with red potatoes, tomatoes and rings of red onions. Two eggs and bacon or sausage, served with toast and jam. Golden breaded chicken tenders served with choice of side. Apple honey pork sausage, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, onions, and Cheddar cheese atop country potatoes. A triple decker bursting with broiled chicken breast and bacon. Our own hot-n-spicy chicken wings & drummettes served with celery and carrot sticks with ranch dressing. Topped off with a creamy cilantro lime sauce. Smothered in creamy hollandaise sauce and served with your choice of potatoes or fresh fruit. Fresh home made breaded mozzarella cheese. Sautéed chicken breast, mushrooms and basil in a creamy Marsala wine sauce. Freshly ground turkey breast with house- made low fat mozzarella, Cheddar, onion and spices. Individual pepperoni or cheese pizza served with choice side. Grilled, marinated chicken breast served with choice of side. Broiled chicken breast, Swiss cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes and rosemary aioli on grilled garlic cheese sourdough bread. $5.99. A hearty omelette of ham, fresh bell peppers and onions. The works! We're open daily at 7:00 a.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Served with scrambled eggs and choice of bacon or sausage. Grilled choice of Mahi Mahi, Salmon, Crispy Cod or Shrimp with tomatoes, cilantro and marinated cabbage on corn tortillas. Served with sour cream and salsa. Served in a sizzling skillet with tomatoes, bell peppers and onions with flour or corn tortillas. Swiss cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic rosemary aioli. $ 7.95. Artisan style vegan patty made with whole grains, all natural product made locally. Peep Peep Special. Bread Options: White | Wheat | Sourdough | Squaw Rye | 12 Grain | English Muffin Bagel and Cream Cheese | Banana Nut Muffin | Blueberry Muffin. Light cream sauce with fresh basil, garlic, spinach and parmesan cheese over bowtie pasta. Refills for milk or juice - $1.25. Served with your choice of dressing. Main content starts here, tab to start navigating. Our one pound burger for serious eaters! Hassle free catering is just a click away! Grilled beef strips served with roma tomatoes and red onion, topped off with our homemade Tzatziki sauce wrapped in pita bread. Bowtie pasta with marinara sauce, chefs sauce or butter topped with Parmesan cheese. Cali Grilled Chicken where open please pre-order and make a reservation if dining in. We also offer a large selection of beer, wine, coffee specialties and desserts. Hickory smoked and basted in a tangy BBQ sauce. California Grill Restaurant and Catering Company is where complete satisfaction is our specialty. Served with your choice of home fries, hash browns or fresh fruit and choice of toast or muffin. Mounds of fresh avocado, California Grill. Potato skins filled with bacon, cheddar, tomatoes and scallions. All American Sliders. Icelandic cod prepared with malt vinegar. Sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and Swiss cheese. Buffalo Wings, California Skins, Zucchini, Parmesan, Bruschetta and mozzarella sticks. Chicken Tacos. $1.99. Covered with sautéed onions and melted American cheese on grilled rye bread. Mozzarella, BBQ Sauce, Chopped Chicken, Red Onion and Cilantro. Thank you for signing up for email updates. Topped with lemon vinaigrette and parmesan cheese. French toast stuffed with a creamy orange marmalade and sprinkled with powdered sugar. $5.99. A blend of sausage, bacon, avocado, sliced mushrooms and tomatoes filled with jack and cheddar cheese. Yes! Your choice of ice cream with whipped cream, hot fudge and nuts. French Fries, Fresh Fruit Cup, Garden Salad, Steamed Veggies, Rice Pilaf or Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Served on top of country potatoes with choice of toast or fresh baked muffin. Grilled onions available upon request Au jus served on the side. Served with carrots, celery sticks and ranch dressing. Light tomato cream sauce with fresh basil, garlic and parmesan cheese. $ 7.95. Choice of ice cream. Made with fresh Premium Beef, served with 1000 Island on a white or wheat bun. A fresh blend of Acai, Vanilla Yogurt, Banana, Strawberries, Honey & Coconut Shaving. A delectable blend of mozzarella, parmesan cheddar cheese, cream cheese and herbs served with tri color tortilla chips or toasted baguettes. Apple or peach pie with ice cream scoop served on top. Patty is gluten free. Bowtie pasta tossed with a light tangy cream tequila jalapeno lime sauce. French toast topped with succulent fresh seasonal fruit and whipped cream. Sautéed shrimp, tomatoes, fresh basil, spices and garlic butter sauce over angel hair pasta. Eggs Benedict. The Real Deal! Crowned with juicy seasonal fruit and whipped cream. We pay close attention to all aspects of your fine dining experience with emphasis on flavor, freshness and presentation. Roma tomatoes tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil and garlic on toasted baguettes, sprinkled with feta cheese.

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