Proper use is important to achieve the results you want. It can be used for woodworking, refinishing furniture, buffing metals or anything else that you can hand sand. The BLACK+DECKER Mouse Sander has a detailed base which is designed to give better results when sanding intricate areas. The lightweight, compact and ergonomic design enables you to sand the most intricate and uneven spaces with complete control and comfort. Black and Decker ; FAQs FAQs. whilst using my mouse sander around the beading on a glass panelled door, the tip of the sander touched the glass, the sander seemed to backfire and would not start again,I have checked the fuse visually ,no scorch marks .what can be the problem? The tear drop shape of the base allows you to access tight corners. How do I measure the length of the blade on my hedge trimmer? Does the BDH1760SM have an automatic shut-off? 193 Problems and Solutions I cant seem to get the sandpaper on this thing No manuals. MOUSE® Detail Sander Extremely compact to fit into tight spaces, the Mouse® detail sander features a three-position grip for versatility while you work. With its pointed tip and small size, it can get into tight areas. Removable tips included for greater versatility. 0 Solutions. Black & Decker Mouse Sandpaper is made with high quality alumnium oxide that prevents premature wearning and clogging Light force on the tool produces the most uniform and consistent results Sandpaper comes in packs of 5 in the following grits: 80 grit, 120 grit and 220 grit packs can you help? GENERAL . how to mend a Black and Decker mouse sander? Black & Decker Sander … Inspired by the computer mouse, a BLACK+DECKER Mouse® sander has been a staple in DIY tool boxes around the world since 1998. Troubleshooting and Product Support Black & Decker Sander. This category contains a US FAQs collection. It comes in just under £20 and would make a great edition to anyone’s tool collection. The Black and Decker Mouse Sander is in our opinion one of the best budget detail sanders on the market at the moment. The Black & Decker Mouse is a handy palm sander. how to change sanding pad on 7558. Black & Decker Sander U-140 ... Black & Decker Sander black and decker 7404. Compact design gets you closer to the work surface giving you greater control over your work. Mr Tony Mccullough July 2008 The high-performance dust collection system helps to keep your workspace clean, and an interchangeable detail finger is perfect for extremely small surfaces. What type of material is the rubber bristles on the model # BSV2020P made of? As we said earlier we wouldn’t use it as a generic sander as that isn’t what it is designed for.

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