ajusted by control panel without extra programmer; Separate transformer with control panel,electric voltage. Your email address will not be published. They can also be installed on other side supported with tracks and rollers, which creates the connection from the floor plane (for this instance the single sliding doors). (2)Modularization design to make installation and adjust more easy; (3)Adaptable to all types of door frames; In addtion,With more and more application of automatic doors, many users offer new demand for electric lock. The basic mechanical construction of an automatic door has been depicted in figure. They must be suitable for operation from 6 to 18 V. It is enough to loop the nylon wire around the motor spindle a couple of times. But the former works by sucking doors with magnetic force while the latter works by stucking doors with locks. Single leaf Maximum opening 1800mm. Popular products. Only entering the passcode or swiping card on the. Door weight, rope diameter, torque, opening time of the door parameters are examined. Dedicated electric locks have the advantage of making it more difficult to open the door destructively or by force. Automatic Sliding Door Systems ENOX Power Supply AC 1 lov 60HZ AC 1 lov 50HZ Drive unit and contro\ 1. One more reduce wheel make the teeth belt more stable and low operation noise,The roller is made of polyurethane,it is durable and light.The large space between the wheels make little friction between the belt and wheel. Its wide opening capability is perfect for places that accommodate many people every day. Double leaf door                                                                                 Single leaf, Working principle of automatic sliding door mechanism. Sliding Mechanism The basic mechanical construction of an automatic door has been depicted in figure. The closing speed can be adjusted as per the traffic movement and opening size. Single Leaf : 900mm - 2500mm Double Leaf : 1500mm – … Another feature of this door is that it closes softly on the last end making its closing very smooth and silent. WhatsApp:+8618971265826. When the person wants to exit, the door opens in the direction of exit only. If you are satisfied with relatively slow movement of the sliding door, you can easily install this system with the help of a DC motor and a small electronic control unit. Description of automatic sliding door mechanism The use of technology has become a major advantage for many people, be it from various appliances to automatic generating house ware and now, even the electric sliding door. Required fields are marked *. If you are satisfied with relatively slow movement of the sliding door, you can easily install this system with the help of a DC motor and a small electronic control unit. Email: * Sliding gate opener. The choice of the transistors is dependent on the current that the motor is drawing. Functions of Safty beam and microwave sensor         are perfectly combined. Autodoor can reach the functions of automatic/exit, only/partial open/locked and open by the optional five, Various optional accessories such as foot sensor,touch, Functions of Safty beam and microwave sensor, The optional active rader&infrared safety sensor is combined the function of safety beam and microwave sensor, If install it, no need safety beam and microwave sensor.More intelligent and convenient ,only  need one wire. However, although the use of automatic sliding door mechanism can be very satisfactorily, there are still many people who do not know how such system works. The motor stands still for a very short time, this is adjustable with P1; and then it rotates in the opposite direction, enabling the door to close. Door is always closed and locked in this position„ . Such motors are found in many model building shops or from electrical equipment suppliers. Depending on how big and how heavy the sliding door is, there is always a perfect automatic door opening mechanism that will be perfect for it. Special slot connect with beam and coverCover opening and closing more convinient, SD 280 cover and beam                                                         SD 280 cover and beam. As shown in the sliding door circuit diagram above, it consists of a bridge circuit which contains transistor T1 to T4, depending on the logic level at the bases of T1 with T3 or T2 with T4, it can determine whether the motor is standstill, clockwise rotating, or rotates anti-clockwise. A suitable length of wire made with stranded nylon is attached to the left as well as right hand sides of the door and strung across four nylon roller guides – this structure can be easily understood from the given figure. It touches switch S2 when the door is fully open. optional  access keypad,people can be entered. Last Updated on April 11, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism description: You are here: Home > Product list > Automatic sliding door operator > VZ-ES200 Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism. Features. If, when the door is closing, the light barrier is actuated the motor changes its direction again and the operation itself gets repeated. Automatic sliding doors definately help in saving time, money and energy Types of Automatic doors . 3. The series of kalsi Automatic Sliding Door Systems, the easy installation and the safety function is based on designing and developing for uses have the excellent quality and the most perfect program with function, the quality control with our strict testing and testing multiply, from appearance to internal design, all technology and design that we believe can testify for whole users. Motor Soft Start Circuit Using Pulse Width Modulation, Simple 12V DC Fan Speed Controller Using IC 555, How To Make a Fan Speed Controller for Heatsink, How to make a Temperature Triggered DC Fan Speed Controller Circuit. Actuators such as radar detectors, push buttons, loop detectors or remote control can be added to the control system ; Technical Specification Description; Product : Automatic Glass sliding Doors: Door Type: Single side / Bi-parting Type: Door Dimension: Width Min. Description of automatic sliding door mechanismThe use of technology has become a major advantage for many people, be it from various appliances to automatic generating house ware and now, even the electric sliding door. And the control unit of lock can delay the trasmission of door-open signal, which is why it is called dedicated lock. Cover opening and closing more convinient, TECHNICAL SPECIFICAITON of Automatic sliding door mechanism. The news reports that people are locked in self-service bank are of the same situation. Residental automatic sliding doors Win-slider DETAILS: Our Products . A home is more than just a house, and decor is more than just furnishings. One more reducer wheel,more stable and low noise. The motor can be replaced by D1 and D2 (with limiting resistors R8 and R9 respectively), when a person is testing the circuit. A small push button switch is installed in the frames of left and right hand door. Magnetic locks provide the advantage that the doors are clozed without any space, so that accidents made by children can be avoided. … strong driving force and protect the stable operation of the product; Full enclosed structure ensure long service life. But still a few innovative people have attempted to set an automatic sliding door in their bedroom. Our standard size for the cover and transmission rail is 2*210cm,it is just like the picture one double leaf door shows.If door size is beyond it ,Or if it is single leaf door,please contact us to choose the correct size for you. Such working principle can avoid the case that the door is opened while the lock is not. Features. The wire is attached to the spindle of a DC motor. (1) Automatic sliding door mechanism are available in either single sliding, bi- parting or telescopic configurations. Autodoor can reach the functions of automatic/exit only/partial open/locked and open by the optional five key selector. 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