4 GENERAL ADVANTAGES OF AIA FORMS •A101/A102 and A201 are industry standard forms •Cover a lot of scenarios •Based on input from numerous industry organizations •Reduce time and expense related to negotiation •Most The following is an excerpt of the Indemnification clause portion of the newsletter, including six different templates for this deceptively complex contractual requirement: In the examples provided below, some include an obligation to indemnify a … Under the 2017 update of the AIA A201 general conditions, a general contractor must defend and indemnify the owner from mechanics liens under certain circumstances. In its wording, it identifies the C. What To Look For In Indemnity Agreements. AIA A201 (2007) General Conditions 3.18.1 (emphasis added). Commentary on AIA Document A201-1997 Table of Contents Introduction Annotated A201 This commentary was prepared by the American Institute of Architects with the assistance of Charles R. The AIA has now introduced a 2017 version of the A201 and other contract documents, including the A100 series. Our overview and commentary on the changes to the A201 … Pertinent A201 Sections Section 2.2: Proof of Financing 1A.Clause 2.2.1 Prior to commencement of the Work and upon written request by the Contractor, the Owner … 1 More Than Meets the AIA: The A201 General Conditions’ Conflicts with Texas Law Lorman Education Services AIA Contracts Seminar Austin, Texas – March 22, 2005 Matthew C. … AIA A201 General Conditions Let’s back up for a second and discuss what exactly the A201 general conditions are and when they will matter. HeuerEsq., , FAIA (for the original Most commentators agree that the AIA A201-1998 indemnity clause is based on comparative fault. There are four basic issues raised by most indemnity clauses: (1) Who What Indemnity Clause Contract Forms The AIA Document A201, "Standard Form of Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor," is one of the most used clauses on construction contracts.

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