When he asked if I wanted or had a reward card I said no and that I didn't want one. They looked it up through my rewards card & gave me a full refund. If you are returning an item for any reason other than the ones stated above, all shipping charges will be billed to you and are not refundable. First of all Ace is GREATLY overpriced on most items that can be found cheaper at Lowes or Home Depot. Not to mention my husband Tom Fenstermacher who I don't think even has an Ace account. New mower siezed up after 1 day cant return...out $300 so pissed. Oh well, sorry, no more purchases from you. Had some extras and I stopped by a different ace. The Town Center Ace Hardware, Lake Forest Park, Washington refuses to accept my return on an unused snow shovel purchased eight days ago. I have never heard of such a policy in my life .they either give you a store credit or your money back in full.. I drove 30 miles (round trip) to the closet store and they refuse to return it as it wasn't purchase at their store. Supply products such as delivered or assembled to store only from where it was provided or set up. Now, I'm so mad, all I want is a full refund. Not only was a denied and made to feel embarrassed as if I had done something wrong, Lance, the assistant manager was rude, unhelpful, wouldn't make eye contact, and hummed as he disregarded my concerns and when I requested the manager's name he said - 'she's right there, go talk to her' and hummed again. Get refused an exchange, defeatedly buy a doubled priced handle that fails to work as well. Like other bad reviews, I was told each Ace store was privately owned . I will never buy an online product from Ace ever again. This experience forces me to go to Home Depot, Costco and Lowe's. I will only purchase inside of the store and using cash. Will not go back to ace after such name calling and disheartless consideration. I don't try to shop at stores that are so rude, and in my opinion just stole some thing from me. What is your stance on this as a company? Bought a $1200 lawn mower(yes, that's a lot for a mower, I know) didn't even finish the job once!! After creating a scene, I was told they would exchange because I was "so nice" and advised that "honey attracts more" etc. She said she couldn't give me money for something they didn't sell. On the status page it still list preparing for pickup. Since i didn't have the receipt, ... register and went to look for 3 more to make the exchange. It didn't. Ive shopped at Ace for decades but won't be back again because of this experience. The call to Stihl yielded no results as they're not open on Saturdays. I am done with ACE Hardware. The customer service rep told me that Ace stores are all independently owned and have their own return and exchange policies. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There policy states 30 days. You can get in touch with us at 800 ASK ACE (800 275 223). (Ace hardware) at 1644 NE 2nd ave to find their policy on returns and there is nothing in the policy about a 20% charge on returned items.the original reciept i gave it back to them with the return and they didnt give me a return item reciept. I'm fairly certain I'll be looking at a repair bill for the $400 saw I bought that never saw its first cut. I have my receipt and it states cut-to-length items are not returnable. They did not have the replacement bulb in Ord but I found one in Lincoln Ne at another Ace Hardware The bug zapper did not work with the new bulb so I took just the bulb back to my local Ace Hardware in Ord. Bought a baseboard heater three days ago. I then informed them that I gave the receipt to the gentleman at the counter to which he immediately grab the receipt and gave it to me. As Ace is violating it's own policies, maybe a class action law suit is appropriate. Yes, but only if it’s still being processed by us. The business will certainly refine your reimbursement within 7-10 days develop the return. I am permanently done ever shopping at any Ace Hardware business in the future. Ace Hardware Return Policy. It quit working in less than 3 weeks. They were intended to join two pieces of chain but the opening in the chain links was too small. Return Policy. Asked the wife to return this to ACE with the sales receipt since they're always requesting it on return items. Get in touch with the supplier for more information. Why not ?? After the hurricane passed, I tried returning the unopened pack of batteries with receipt and they would not take them back. Return Policy You may return most new, unopened items for a full refund within 30 days of delivery. Tried to return a bathroom faucet that was wrong size because of the way the package was opened would not take back because packaging was damaged.Store said returns are at there discretion.No mention of that in return policy nor posted at store.Will drive the extra 4 miles to Wal-Mart or Lowe's next time. Here's Ace's return policy on gas-powered equipment: Online approach will provide you to return your product within just a few clicks. It was clear that I wasn't going to be treated fairly with this situation. The store manager (Paul) was then brought over to look at the saw. Ace hardware in Miami , 137 And 56 street , the owner And manager are thieves , they will sell you an ítem , that will break during the first time you used And when you try to return it , because it was a piece Of crap in the first place , they will come with an absurd excuse to avoid returning ur money And less to exchange , they will sell you a Repair quit or one ?????? I had no receipt. The SUPER old woman=SUPER NICE. So it appears it very much depends on which true value you are shipping at. I spend hundreds a year there with the preferred customer card. Exactly how the manufacturer stated and the sAmerican problem occurred. I looked over at where the saw lay to see white smoke coming out from under the saw. I just lost my business for life Ace. the limbs are close together, and the blade was too wide to maneuver between the branches. Ace Hardware is quite deceptive in its gas-powered equipment purchases. Same with the wrong tape I got. I Had A Disappointing Return At Ace Hardware, At The Market Street And Dolores Location, In San Francisco. We purchased items at a San Jose Ace Hardware. After determining that the tool was wrong for the application (jaws were too wide), I attempted to return the wrench the next day in it's original wrapping with the receipt. Told him even Walmart lets you return paint!! He then went back to call the VP of the store for a recommended course of action. I bought 6 batteries and other items before a hurricane.

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