Oral-B Genius X: Is this the future of toothbrushing? The following percentages all equate too 1000 ppm F-. As reported above, most OTC toothpastes meet this standard. In adult toothpaste, Hopcraft added, there is 1000-1500 ppm of fluoride, and kids toothpaste generally has around 400-500 ppm. Most such claims can be taken with a pinch of salt: the most important qualities of a toothpaste are the most basic ones of all. Colgate Total Freshening Toothpaste: Best for fresh breath, Deal alert: Save 15% on the Marvis toothpaste range, Best electric toothbrush 2020: Black Friday deals on toothbrushes are here, Best mouthwash: The best mouthwashes for fresh breath, gum health and all-round protection, find the best electric toothbrush to keep gums healthy and your teeth squeaky clean, Oral-B Pro-Expert Professional Protection Toothpaste 75ml Clean Mint - Pk of 3, Colgate White Maximum Optic Toothpaste, 75ml, Colgate Optic White Whitening Toothpaste, Sparkling Mint - 6.3 ounce (3 Pack), Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste Gentle Whitening 75ml, BlanX Intensive Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste, 75ml, Arm & Hammer - Total Pro Clean & Repair - with Active Calcium - 75 ml, Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste New 75 ml, Colgate Total Active Fresh Antibacterial Fluoride Toothpaste, 125 ml, Best toothpaste 2020: The best toothpastes for protection, whitening, sensitivity and gum health. Fluoride has been routinely added to toothpaste for more than a century, and millions use it safely every day. That’s backed up by the usual fluoride, plus a selection of other cleaning and soothing agents. It does a decent enough job of keeping teeth white, with all the ingredients you’d expect to achieve this, although some users find it a bit too minty. That's because these additional agents can sometimes interfere with the fluoride compound's ability to deliver an effective concentration of ions. Tangible benefits can include whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath or reduced sensitivity. Provided the fluoride content is high enough, which toothpaste you use is less important than how and how often you use it, not to mention how long and carefully you brush. Using floss or interdental brushes can also be particularly effective, as can switching to a good electric toothbrush. This does a great job of cleaning teeth and attacking plaque, while fluoride protects against acid erosion, gum disease and tooth decay. Davies R, et al. It still tastes pretty odd though, so it might take a few weeks before you stop gurning in the bathroom mirror. Price when reviewed: £4.33 (75ml) | Buy now from Boots. They must contain at least 90% of the fluoride amount stated on their labeling. Fluoride doesn’t Then there are some other agents that might be beneficial, including Novamin, which bonds to the surface of the tooth to protect sensitive areas, and Triclosan, which some studies show is an effective anti-bacterial agent. Expert Reviews™ is a registered trade mark. They're certainly at the higher end of the price spectrum - which was why we were pleased to see that Look Fantastic are offering a flat 15% off all Marvis products with the promo code LF15. (Below on this page we discuss the additional active ingredients these types of products often contain, and how they produce an extra benefit in helping to lower a person's decay rate.). Key specs – Flavour: Mint; Key ingredients: 1,450ppm fluoride, potassium nitrate, Price: £7 (85ml) | Buy now from Look Fantastic. The acid is what erodes the teeth. That is how it kills bacteria. In broad terms, anything that kills bacteria and inhibits dental plaque formation should also be beneficial in helping to prevent tooth decay. We're only familiar with sodium fluoride being used in high-strength prescription toothpastes. So, in the case of someone who has a high decay rate, a prescription item will be more effective in helping to lower it. Toothpaste is a gel dentifrice used in conjunction with a toothbrush to help clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth. The Total Pro Clean and Repair version is also designed to fill in lost tooth enamel: the cumulative effect is squeaky-clean teeth with very little abrasion, and the only downside is the slightly salty undertaste, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sodium Fluoride: What concentration? Marvis does a fun (well, as fun as any toothpaste can really be) line of flavoured toothpastes, and ones that are kind to your enamel too. Key specs – Flavour: Mint; Key ingredients: 1,450ppm fluoride, hydrated sillica, Price when reviewed: £19.05 (90ml) | Buy now from Amazon, Unlike typical whitening toothpastes that contain abrasive particles and bleaching agents, this charcoal-based toothpaste uses activated carbon to gently absorb and remove stain particles that discolour teeth – the idea being that it’s kinder to your enamel and ultimately a more healthy, safe way to get a gleaming set of gnashers. Still, it’s a price worth paying for healthy gums. Marvis does a fun (well, as fun as any toothpaste can really be) line of flavoured toothpastes, and ones that are kind to your enamel too. When carrying out overall calculations of the recommended fluoride ion intake There is no minimum fluoride concentration, but the maximum permissible fluoride concentration for a toothpaste varies according to … The answer could be a new toothpaste. Price when reviewed: £3 (125ml) | Buy now from Amazon.

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